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Last Minute Gift Guide

December’s crept up on us quickly and quietly. We’ve been so busy at Sidebuy we’ve hardly had time to start our holiday shopping, and we’re sure some of you feel the same way! If you’re like us – having put off thinking about your impending gift swaps and feeling the pressure of the time crunch…

Nadia + Zehra

Unrefined cartoons of vampires and scary faces, as if drawn carelessly by a kid, with vulgar statements such as “s**k me you b**ch” or “I will find you and I will f**k you” while playing the theme song of “Adam’s family” was how Nadia and Zehra opened their fall/winter 2015 runway at Vancouver Fashion Week! The runway then turned into a rainbow of dynamic colors, funky patterns, and playful silhouettes that swoop the audience into the deisgners’ imagination!