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For Influencers & Brands | Our favourite Apps for IG Stories and Videos

With the new Instagram updates and algorithm changes, the struggle to reach audiences is more than ever for influencers and brands alike. We all have been experiencing a decrease in reach and impressions on our posts. Why is this happening? If your followers are not engaging with your content (Liking or commenting) the chances of…


For Influencers | Monetize your Website

With all the buzz around Instagram, a lot of new influencers are re-thinking having an actual blog and a website. Understandably, it takes time and dedication to post blogs/articles in a timely manner and to drive traffic from Instagram to your website. So is it worth investing your precious time into maintaining a blog/website?  We…


For Brands | Micro & Macro: what are they and which is better?

First off, if you are familiar with influencer marketing, the terms “micro” and “macro” would be no surprise to you. In case you aren’t, don’t worry – we’ll start from scratch in order to get to the very bottom of the issue of choosing influencers that are JUST right for your brand. In short, compared…