For Influencers | How To Stand Out as an Influencer In 2020

The number of nano (<1k followers) and micro (1k-100k followers) influencers have increased tremendously since 2018 and there is no doubt that most influencers and content creators are looking to stand out and stay ahead and grow their following in 2020. By increasing their audience and building a community of engaged followers, influencers have the opportunity to work with larger brands and turn their passion into lucrative brand deals.

Learn more about the top 4 ways you can stand out as an influencer and grow your audience in 2020! 

Add Value

You must ‘show up’ for your followers. This includes connecting through your stories, videos, feed posts, and IGTV content Your followers like to see consistency, and showing up frequently in their feed will help keep you and your content top of mind. Most users follow hundreds or thousands of accounts, which means they most likely will not see every one of your posts; but, if you post every day there is a better chance of your content showing up on their feed. Most importantly, make sure when you do visibly ‘show up’, you are also adding value to their time. Depending on your niche, either post a beautiful high-quality photo, your outfit of the day, or a new travel destination. It is also important to always speak directly to your followers – this way,  they know you have created content with them in mind, which boosts your engagement and develops a stronger relationship with your following.

Be an Expert in Your Niche

You must own your niche and work hard at becoming an expert in your industry. If you are a beauty or fashion blogger, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest beauty tricks and style trends. Educate your readers and followers about new products, where to buy them and which is best for who. This applies to all influencers in all categories (i.e. business, photography, parenting, fitness and more). By establishing yourself as an expert, you develop trust with your audience – they know that the information and recommendations you share are coming from a place of deep knowledge and care for your community. This is also important for when you choose which brands to work with, ensuring that they are in-line with your industry and catered to your audience.

Start Asking for Collaborations

If you’re just starting out and do not have any brand partnerships in place, start by tagging products you already like and use, and reach out to those brands you’d like to collaborate with. Many brands and businesses will work with micro-influencers, users who have less than 10,000 followers, in order to showcase their products, especially if you show that your audience is engaged, connected, and responsive to the suggestions you are already making. By learning how to pitch yourself and present your influence (followers, demographics, and your sample work) to brands, you will increase the chances of developing collaborations with companies that align with your personal brand. The first step in pitching to brands is to create a media kit. Sidebuy’s free media kit builder allows you to create your custom media kit in minutes, and access our brand collaboration marketplace – all with the click of a button.

It is also important to cater your pitch to what the brand needs most and offer to help them get there. This could be specific types of content, such as video, or reaching a new demographic or audience that follows you. 

Most of all, practice makes perfect – by practicing your pitch and pitching to brands often, you will gain confidence and quickly see what works well, and what can be improved. You never know who will say yes until you ask! If you deliver quality content, then the opportunities to be compensated for your time and creativity are endless.

Create more Videos

Videos started to be a top content trend in 2018/19 and will continue to be used in influencer marketing campaigns more and more. Other creative motion content such as stop-motion videos and GIF animations will continue to be in high demand for  2020 in order to build engaging content that stands out from the crowd.

If you’ve got the equipment and the creativity, we recommend posting highly edited images and polished videos to increase engagement and build credibility with your audience. By holding yourself to a professional standard, you are showing potential brands that you take your content seriously.

For resources and tips on how to rock your Instagram strategy and grow your audience with video, check out our blog on  “Our Favourite Apps for IG Stories and Videos” .

We hope this blog post helps you get a step closer to your goals in 2020. If you’re looking to take your influencer game to the next level in 2020,  check out Sidebuy to make use of our free products designed exclusively for influencers, and instantly connect with brands looking to collaborate.

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