Sidebuy’s Favourite Vancouver Influencers

Vancouver is known best for it’s diversity and being a happy city. Ranking 3rd best city in the world for quality of living, there’s no question Vancouver is home to some of the best influencers as well.

Here are 5 of our favourite Sidebuy influencers who always put a smile on our faces with their posts.

Charmyn Chan

@charmynchan is a Vancouver-based beauty and fashion influencer.

View Charmyn’s IKit



@apoelise is a Vancouver-based lifestyle and travel influencer.

View Elise’s profile on Sidebuy


Josh Rimer

@joshrimer is a Vancouver-based TV Host, activist and speaker.

View Josh’s IKit


Grace and Paniz

@ohyoutwo are two best friends posting about fashion, food and beauty.

View Grace & Paniz’s IKit


Rebecca Johnston is a Vancouver-based health and nutrition influencer

Check out Rebecca’s Profile on Sidebuy


To find other influencers in your area be sure to use our Search tool on Sidebuy, completely FREE!

We always love to hear your feedback so leave us a comment below 🙂

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