For Influencers & Brands | Our favourite Apps for IG Stories and Videos

With the new Instagram updates and algorithm changes, the struggle to reach audiences is more than ever for influencers and brands alike.

We all have been experiencing a decrease in reach and impressions on our posts.

Why is this happening?

If your followers are not engaging with your content (Liking or commenting) the chances of them seeing your post on their newsfeed will become much less as the algorithm will consider your posts as ‘not interesting’ to those followers and wont show it on their feeds!

To change that you have to create more engaging posts and make use of all the features Instagram is offering such as IG stories, IGTV and in general posting more videos.

So how do you do that?

As always creating professional and high quality content is key. However, the new trend is to be more authentic and real! With that being said, posting more videos and stories on Instagram is proving to be more effective in terms of getting your own followers to engage with your content and attracting new ones. By doing more stories and videos you create a more personal/genuine connection with your followers, this way you will receive higher engagement, and engaging with your followers will get your posts to show up on their newsfeed more frequently.

For those of you who are content creators and spend time editing your photos to give your page a consistent feel, using editing apps are important.

So here are some of our favourite and useful apps you can use to create/edit videos for Instagram stories and posts.

Filmm – with this app you can add filters, effects and adjust the lighting of your videos. Free to download with in-app purchases and upgrades.

StoryArt – filled with backgrounds and frames (still/animated) for photos and videos. Free to download with free frames as well as paid options.

Unfold – Mainly used for IG stories and known for their unique frames and fonts you can add to both your videos and photos. Free to download with in-app purchases to unlock more features.

Prequel – Similar to Filmm, you can use this app for frames, video effects and filters as well as face touchup tools. In app purchase is required to unlock some features and tools.

We hope you find this post helpful and as always if you know of any other apps or if you have suggestions please let us know by commenting below 🙂

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