Introducing the NEW Influencer Kit

You have spoken and we’ve listened! Introducing the new Influencer Kit (IKit) that will help you secure more sponsored collaborations, sell your skills and earn you more success.

A media kit is like your resume, showcasing your work and influence. A good media kit should include all the important criteria the brand needs to consider when deciding to collaborate with you. If your audience demographics, aesthetics and previous work/campaigns included in your media kit are in line with the brand, the brand is more likely to partner with you on sponsored campaigns. The IKit, Sidebuy’s online media kit builder for influencers, is built based on these criteria.

With years of experience working with over 12,000 influencers and 500 brands, we have created the perfect media kit based on what brands want to see and what influencers are comfortable to share. 

After our great success with the IKit, we decided to improve and update the look and functionality based on both our brands’ and influencers’ feedback. The new IKit is now available for FREE to all influencers. We think it’s important for new and experienced influencers to be able to create relevant media kits that help them secure more collaborations.


The New IKit offers:

Detailed Stats

Businesses and brands like numbers, so we want you to give them what they want to see. You can now showcase your social media followers on each channel as well as your website statistics and audience demographics. Unlike the antiquated PDF media kits which have to be updated regularly, the IKit is live, which means your number of followers, website stats and total reach are updated automatically. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 9.00.33 AM.png

Visual Design

A great aesthetic design will stay in the back of anyone’s mind. We know you’ve invested time and money into creating your perfect website and Instagram feed. Your IKit should also represent your unique style and be in line with your other platforms. We have added a variety of ready-to-use cover photos and many new fonts for both headers and paragraphs. Choose one of the 5 preset colors to highlight icons and links or pick your own custom theme color.


Latest Instagram Photos

If you haven’t done any campaigns yet, you will still be able to showcase some of your work. Your 3 most recent Instagram posts will be automatically shown when you link your Instagram to the IKit. This way new influencers will still have the opportunity to present their content and create the visual look the brands are looking for.


No Expiration date

There is now a single link for each IKit you create. You can share your IKit link on your website and social media channels without having to worry about it ever expiring.


You have control over your IKit link visibility. If you’ve shared your IKit with a brand, you can remove access at any time by making the IKit Invisible from your Dashboard.

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 5.29.31 PM

Duplicating your IKit

Saving you time and allowing you to focus on what’s important is key. We have now added the ‘Duplicate’ function so you don’t have to spend time creating one from scratch each time. Duplicating will make it easy to create and track IKit links for various brand collaborations.

If you want to step ahead and move things to the next level, the new and improved IKit is for you. Built based on years of experience with how brands select influencers for sponsored campaigns, the IKit will help you secure more collaborations

Click here to create your IKit.

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