For Brands | How and where to spot the right influencers?

Collaborating with the “right” influencer is what guarantees the success of your influencer marketing endeavours as a brand. Easier Said than done, there are factors to consider to ensure a high level of fit between the brand and influencers, which in turn guarantees a successful campaign. In this post, we’ll look at where to spot the right influencers and how to assess the relevancy, or in other words, the similarity between the influencer and your brand.

Where to find the right influencers?

1) Google search

Google search is one of the channels that can assist you with the preliminary search, when it comes to spotting the right influencers for your brand. Specially, when searching for influencers who also have a blog, Google search can come handy. You can search with keyword combinations including the location (preferably city) and the category of the influencer (for instance fashion, travel, fitness, etc) to refine your search. If you are a vegan food company based in Vancouver, then search using keywords such as “Influencers” talking about “vegan diet” in “Vancouver”. One drawback of Google search for identifying relevant influencers is the amount of time that it takes to find relevant influencers within your niche. However, Google is definitely a great starting place.

2) Instagram

If you are interested in collaborating with influencers on Instagram, then searching directly from the platform is an effective way to spot the right content creators. There are multiple ways to go about this. With Instagram introducing the “hashtag follow” feature, you can start following specific hashtags that the influencers within your category typically use. For instance, if you are looking for fashion bloggers in Los Angeles, start following #LAFashionBlogger and interact with those who create content implementing this hashtag. Another way to spot the right Instagrammers within your community is by searching specific cities and going through the top posts. Usually the top posts are created by those with a large following and engagement. This method also works when it comes to specific hashtag searches as well, as the top posts for specific hashtags are most often from influencers.

3) Influencer Marketing Platforms

If you want to speed up the influencer discovery, influencer marketing platforms are the more efficient and effective alternative. Influencer platforms, such as Sidebuy, act as an influencer search engine including aggregate and detailed data about the influencer across all of their active social media and extended insights such as their rates and previous collaborations. The extended insight can assist you in ensuring that there’s a high degree of relevance between the influencer and your brand. On Sidebuy, you can filter over 12,000 influencers creating content around 21 categories in more than 200 cities across the world. Also, by the keyword filtering feature, you can filter using specific keywords such as “vegan” or “ethical”.


What to consider when assessing the fit between the influencer and your brand:


1) Audience

Influencers are an effective channel to access your target audience through an authentic voice. The important thing to consider here is to ensure that the influencer has access to your target audience so the sponsored content reaches the audience that are likely to interact with your product or service. Many brands focus on only the number of followers that the influencer reaches on a platform hoping that a portion of the followers might convert. However, especially when you have a niche target audience, simply focusing on the number of followers is not going to guarantee success for your brand. Hence, asking the influencer for the breakdown of their audience on the platform you wish to collaborate on can shed some light on the alignment of their audience and that of yours. To note, some influencer marketing campaigns are for brands to reach a new market to either test the waters or to expand their reach. In that case collaborating with influencers who have access to that new market segment would also be a great channel.

2) Aesthetic and theme

Another element to consider when deciding which influencers to collaborate with is to assess the level of similarity between your brand’s image and the aesthetic and theme that the influencer incorporates into their content. From their tone of voice (fun, formal, bold, etc) to their visual direction (minimal, luxury, natural, …) it is crucial to partner with those who incorporate a similar look and feel when it comes to their brand, otherwise your consumers will be confused.

3) Get personal!

One-off influencer marketing campaigns do not generate the results that ongoing ambassadorship collaborations can guarantee. A benefit of building relationships with influencers in comparison to just sending out products for one-off posts are that you get to know the influencer, more than what appears on their blog or social channels. This helps with fine tuning the campaign based on the influencer which in turn will generate much higher impact as the audience would resonate with that content. Also, when picking an influencer for the first time, make sure to check out their blog and social channels in details, read about who they are, what they do and what delights them. Based on these factors you can brainstorm with the influencer to create a more personalized messaging that will convert their audience into consumers.

What are your challenges when it comes to spotting the right influencers? Comment here and we’ll help you get the most out of yoru influencer collaborations!

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