How to Stand out as an Influencer in 2018

2017 was a big year for influencers and influencer marketing. On Google alone, the search for the keyword “influencer marketing” grew by over 400%! You will be surprised to know that 2018 will be even bigger for influencer marketing, as more brands want to reap the benefits of this authentic and highly targeted marketing channel and more product-savvy individuals want to get a taste of the glamorous-looking lives of top influencers, with all the free products, exotic vacations and stunning lives. As more influencers are surfacing on social media, it makes it even more crucial for influencers to stand out! On this post, we will look at some actionable tactics that can help you stand out and secure more sponsored campaigns with brands:

Professional Media Kits

Can you expect to be selected for a job interview without a resume? No! The same holds true for securing sponsored campaigns. You have to have a portfolio showcasing your influence and previous collaborations in a visual way to set yourself apart from the competition. An influencer’s portfolio, or commonly known as a media kit, is your first step into the world of influencer marketing. Also, the alignment between a brand’s target audience and your followers’ demographics is the key factor that determines the success of influencer-brand partnerships. Showcasing your audience demographics at a glance through your media kit can help you prove that you are a good match when reaching out to brands for collaborations. Click here to create your online customizable media kit that helps your work shine!

Staying True to Yourself

Our feeds are just saturated with extremely similar looking posts. But those who are unique are the ones that can successfully generate a highly engaged and loyal following. Don’t copy other influencers just because they have more followers or if their engagement is high. What works for one influencer might not work for the other. Think of your posts and the overall feed of your work as a piece of art. Spend time thinking about what goes where and how to curate a more tasteful feed that would entice people to follow you. The world of influencers might seem so glamorous, but you have to know there’s a lot of work that goes into their work. 


The key to sustainable growth and engagement for influencers is consistency. The consistency refers to both the types pf posts you create and curate, the theme, the frequency, your personal brand’s image, and more. What can guide you to stay on the same path and maintain consistency is to create a brand book and include your brand’s persona as an influencer, what you are about (your visions and goals), and your aesthetics. Don’t be afraid to delete or remove some posts because you think they are not aligned with who you are or your feed. Be comfortable with saying “No” to collaboration requests that are not in line with what you stand for. If you lose your consistency, your audience will be confused and thus not engage with your content or simply they will unfollow you.

All a Numbers Game

You spend time curating and creating high-quality and eye-catching content, but what comes after is as more important. Getting your work and your name out there as much as you can. You might reach out to 20 relevant brands, but not all of them are looking at influencers at that point so let’s say 3 will get back to you. That’s why you should keep a list of potential clients in an excel sheet similar to a lead list for salespeople. Check out other influencers’ page and see which brands they work with. Keep an organized list of those brands and include their contact information. Also, when you pitch to brands always remember to state what’s in it for them and why should they work with you. Keep your emails value-driven. Also, direct messaging on Instagram is a great way to follow up on an email. With the fierce competition in the world of influencer marketing, it’s important to put yourself out there and reach out to as many relevant brands as you can. Even if they do not collaborate with you now, they might reach out to you for a subsequent campaign. Also always include your media kit in your emails to look professional and showcase your areas of influence.


Sign up on the IKit to create your first of many media kits and stand out!

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