The Professional IKit That Makes You Money!

The right media kit can earn you thousands in a month! How? Your media kit acts as your resume showcasing your influence, reach, previous collaborations and important criteria that brands consider when deciding to collaborate with you or not. If your target audience, aesthetics, and previous campaigns are in line with the brand’s, they are more likely to partner with you on sponsored campaigns as they have proof that your audience is going to engage with the content and potentially convert.

Some of our influencer are receiving more than 10 campaigns request per month via their IKits, simply by sharing them on their site, social media and directly emailing it to relevant brands. We all have heard the saying that numbers speak louder than words. The IKit, Sidebuy’s online media kit builder for influencers is built based upon this concept.

When brands reach out to us at Sidebuy to connect with influencers, they want to see tangible factors in a visual way that help them select the right influencer as they know that the secret to a successful campaign is the relevancy of the influencer they partner up with. With years of experience working with over 12,000 influencers and 500 brands, we have managed to come up with the perfect media kit based on what brands want to see and what influencers are comfortable to share.

After the great success with the IKit, we are now introducing our new IKit plan, specifically designed for professional influencers who want to maintain their brand and secure more collaborations.

The Professional IKit offers:

Additional Font and Colour Customization

Professional influencers have their unique font and colour theme which they incorporate across all of their platforms to reflect a consistent brand image. This is key because the more aligned you are in terms of aesthetics, the higher the likelihood of the brands to collaborate with you on sponsored campaigns. Also, more customization means more creative freedom for you! You customize  your resume based on the companies you apply for. The same holds true for brands. With the professional IKit you can customize your IKit to resonate with the brand and will make you stand out.

​In-depth brand insights for intelligent follow-ups

Unlike antiquated PDF media kits, the IKit is online and in real-time which makes it possible for you to have access to a pool of insights over what happens after you share your IKit. Let’s say you share your IKit via your site, you social media, email and within another relevant site. With the Professional IKit, you can have access over the sources of traffic for your IKit so you leverage that channel to secure more paid campaigns. Also, you can view the location of the viewer, impressions and total unique visitors on each of your IKit links. Successful influencers are those who actively seek relevant brands and take advantage of every opportunity to get exposure. With the Professional IKit’s insights now you can have first hand analytics over the exact number of potential client who have visited your media kit at any given time and how they landed on your media kit.

Customizable expiration date per IKit link

The links you created via your Starter IKit automatically expire in 30 days to maintain your essential information included in your IKit. With the Professional IKit, you have full autonomy over the exact date you want the IKit to be expired. For instance, the IKit you include in your site can be a generic one that expires in a year so you don’t have to constantly go back and update the validity date. However, when you share a link to your IKit to a brand, it is important that you only give them access to your data just for a brief period of time, for instance 7 days after you shared your IKit.

If you want to take your career as an influencer to the next level, the Professional IKit is the account for you. Built based on years of experience over how brands select influencer for sponsored collaborations, the Professional IKit can make you thousands of dollars every month, making is worth while the investment!

Click here to create your Professional IKit!

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