Sidebuy’s European Influencers We Love!

At Sidebuy, our 12,000 influencers and talented content creators come from all around the world. Today, we are putting the spotlight on our favorite European influencers who curate and create stunning content and have managed to gather an engaged audience via their social media:

Maria Van Nguyen – Norway

From Oslo, Maria is a blogger and influencer who embraces minimalism in all aspects of her life and her personal style. More of a trend-setter than a follower, Maria’s aesthetics is a feast for the eyes. Putting quality over quantity, she shares her adventures in life and style in soft hues and silhouettes.

Merel van Poorten – Netherland

First look at Merel Van Poorten’s Instagram feed and you instantly fall captivated to her stunning aesthetics! Breathtaking photos capturing serene moments of color and glamor just come natural to Merel. This Amsterdam-based blogger is also a jewelry designer which explains why she knows how to look fabulous in everything!

Penelope Louise – UK

A British travel blogger and student, Penelope shares her tips and tricks when it comes to travelling on a budget while making the most out of your time at any destinations. Currently in Morocco, she has been curating breathtaking photos from this magical land. Follow her current adventures on Instagram.

Elisa Zanetti – Italy

Mommy, wife and style blogger Elisa Zanetti is the Italian beauty behind the Nameless Fashion Blog founded in 2012. Aside from her personal Instagram page, she also curate and create content on another page , Baby Flaminia where she shares adorable photos of her baby girl.

Mario Monforte– Spain

Blogging for over a decade, Spanish lifestyle influencer Mario Monforte is another favroite European content creator on our list. He creates content around luxury lifestyle and has managed to create a community of almost 300k luxury lovers through his social media.

Erika Barbato – Italy

Created in 2012, Erika Barbato‘s blog is the destination for the latest trends in fashion, travel adventures, fitness, food and more. A beauty reporter at magazine Erika knows how to look like a million box with the best of hair, makeup and style.

Ella Dvornik – Croatia


A full-time hedonist, as described by her, Ella is a Croatian blogger currently living in London. She has been travelling around a globe since she was a little girl and she has continue to live life as a globe trotter and to the fullest. I am Ella is her creative outlet where she shares about her adventures around the world.


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