5 ways to Share Your IKits and Secure More Sponsored Collaborations

With the increasing demand for influencer marketing collaborations, the number of influencers competing for sponsored campaigns are also on the rise. The implication of this trend is that as an influencer, you only have a few seconds to stand out and you must take advantage of every opportunity to get exposure. A media kit is essential for influencers to stand out and to showcase their most valuable asset – their influence! Brands will refer to your media kit to determine whether you are a fit for them and how much you are worth, when it comes to selecting you versus another influencer!

The IKit was built to allow influencers to get access to customizable, mobile-friendly online media kits that updates on real-time. It helps you save time and spend more time on what you do best; creating awesome content. So now that you have a beautiful media kit what’s next? Well, now it’s time to get your media kit it in front of the eyes of brands and potential clients!

Here are five creative places that you can share your IKit to get more exposure, secure more sponsored collaborations with your favorite brands and stand out!

1) Instagram Highlights

Instagram Highlights, the new feature recently added to Instagram, is a great channel to share your IKit. If you have more than 10,000 followers and a business account, you can also link your highlight stories to your IKit. A great way to introduce yourself to brands or new visitors checking your Instagram page is by creating specific highlight categories and including your unique IKits within those categories. For instance, if you create content around fashion, travel and health, you can create specific groups of highlights for fashion, travel and health and add your unique IKits that you have customized for these categories within these groups.

2) Instagram Stories

With the linking feature of Instagram stories and geo-tagging, this new form of highly engaging content is the perfect place to share your new IKits. When you create a story of your IKit, tag your location and link it to your IKit, it is likely that your story will be featured on Instagram Explore section for your location. Also when brand search for specific locations, your story will show up increasing your exposure. Instagram stories are becoming one of the most favorite form of content both for brands and influencers because it is fast, fun and easily consumable and it is important for you as an influencer to stay ahead of the trends and take full advantage of social media’s new features,

3) Email

The most common channel for sharing your IKit is via email. You can directly email you unique media kits on your dashboard to save time. Let’s say, you want to reach out to brand X, because you know that your audience would highly resonate with brand X. So you create a unique link for your media kit and for instance name it ” Brand X” for your reference. Then on your dashboard you click on the email icon and simply share your IKit with brand X. After emailing, you will get email notifications if brand X has viewed your IKit and how many times they viewed it. This information can significantly increase your chances of securing the collaboration because you can follow up with them in a more intelligent way, even if they do not immediately reply to you email.

4) Blog

Another great channel for sharing your media kit is on your blog. You can simply create a menu or submenu and link it to your IKit. This way any brand or agency who visits you site can have access your your media kit where you included you previous collaborations, pas work, press and more.

5) Social Media

As you would share updates and new posts on your social channels, you can also share your latest IKits on a regular basis. Not only your followers would get access to your IKit, but also brands who are checking out you social media will get a chance to view media kit. When you share your media kit, you are showing to brands you are open to collaborations. This is like sharing your online portfolio, which can drastically help you close more sponsored campaigns.

If you still have not taken advantage of the IKit, make sure to sign up for free today and create your online media kit in less than 20 minutes!

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