Sidebuy Influencer Feature: Jennifer Hagler of A Merry Mishap Blog

Sidebuy: Can you tell us a bit about you and your blog AMM? How did you get into blogging and how long
you have been doing this?

My name is Jennifer Hagler and I live in the Northwestern corner of the US with my husband, son and daughter. I began blogging when my 8 year old was still quite young, so about 6 years now. Initially I delved into blogging as a way to carve out some time for myself that didn’t involve changing diapers and washing baby clothes. As a child and young adult I always had a passion for creative things and creating with my hands, blogging was a way to connect with those creative things I love while still having a flexible schedule with a toddler. At the same time I did not start the blog as a profession, that happened slowly over time!

Sidebuy: Your Instagram page is truly a feast for the eyes and you have incredible reach and engagement. Do you have any tips for our influencers that are starting out?

Thank you! I find it a little difficult to give advice now because Instagram is not what it used to be and I began a few years ago when the app was newer. Recently I feel it is more difficult to grow a following and grow in numbers. However I’ve noticed more and more of a premium placed on engagement, so even people with smaller followings but are very engaged with their followers still can do quite well. Considering that I would suggest that you create quality content, leave the smaller more insignificant things for your Stories, and be more selective with what stays permanently on your feed. Reply to your commenters and make authentic
conversations whenever possible. Also, curating your content is very important. It gives people an idea of who you are and what to expect, rather than having a very random series of photos.

Sidebuy: How do you balance between non sponsored and sponsored content on your blog and Instagram?

The goal is about 80/20, no more than 20% of the posts should be sponsored or you can start losing your identity. I try to create a variety of content to show where my range is and people want to see authenticity and it is harder to connect with someone if you know they are sponsored. It’s also important to be selective with your sponsored content so followers can trust that your opinions are genuine.

Sidebuy: What are the main challenges of being an influencer and what are the main rewards?

One of the main challenges it keeping up with the changes in some of our social media channels. Instagram has changed and with the algorithm now it is harder to get your content in front of the people who are already following you, let alone new people. I feel that it takes more time commenting, liking and engaging with your audience to see growth happen. There is also a bit of a homogenized style I see many have as social media brings us all together and around the same influences. Trying to create something unique is becoming more important and more difficult.

Sidebuy: In terms of design and aesthetics, can you share some of the trends that you believe will shape this

For me, softness and natural materials are big for this year. With as much screen time as we all have it seems more and more important for our homes to be comfortable and appeal to our senses as well as beautiful. This can manifest in textured walls (think plaster or limestone), worn wooden chairs with a history, soft textiles, natural colors and dyes as well as rounded edges.

Sidebuy: How often do you post and how do you plan your content to ensure consistency?

In a perfect world I would post every day, maybe even twice a day! But a more realistic goal for my is at least every other day. I’ve also been trying to be more thoughtful with my captions and say something that can create dialogue. When I have days to take photos, I’ll try to shoot more than 1 topic in a day and save the extra photos to post throughout the week. I haven’t tried any of the scheduling apps but you can schedule posts down to the day and time. For now I still enjoy uploading everything manually. 🙂

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