Power of Ambassadorship Influencer Marketing Campaigns on the Bottom Line

Tapping on the advantages of social media and content marketing, influencer marketing helps marketers promote their brands to their consumers in a way that appeals to them. Due to the high relevance and authenticity of content created by influencers, the viewers are more likely to trust the content and thus convert. However, one-off campaigns with influencer here and there does not provide brands with the potential that this unique channel can offer. In this post we look at how building long term relationships with influencers while focusing and putting the ultimate customer at the centre of all marketing effort can drastically impact the bottom line.

Based on our recent survey of over 200 top influencers at Sidebuy, only 40% of influencers receive ambassadorship campaigns from brands, while 80% of them consider ambassadorship campaigns as their most ideal way to partner up with a brand.

Those who mass-contact influencers and send products for one-off partnerships hoping for increases in sales are shooting in the dark. Collaborating with influencers on a long-term basis has the strategic objective of turning them into brand advocates, multiplying the touch points with the target audience and increasing the conversion rate of a campaign. Based on a recent report, nearly 71% marketers rate influencer marketing as a strategic or highly strategic channel and more than 80% considering creating one-on-one relationships with influencers as their top priority ion the year to come.

One-off campaigns might have the short-term impact, but they do not offer the potential that influencer marketing can offer. The new approach to influencer marketing will be to put the customer at the center of the strategy, not the influencer. With this method, marketers can identify the influencers that their target market is influenced by at every stage of their journey and activate strategic relationships with those to amplify word-of-mouth. By looking at influencer marketing with a customer-focused approach, marketers will be able to provide value throughout their customer journey, and not just at the awareness phase.

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  1. Makes sense that things should shift that way! Great read 🙂


  2. So…not all of your ambassadors are bringing good results? Do you pay them?


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