Why Influencer Marketing Will Dominate The Digital Realm in 2018

Over 90% of marketers consider influencer marketing an effective channel to reach consumers, close to 67% are planning to increase the budget, and 51% believe they can get better customers through the reach of influencers.

93% of purchases are influenced by online reviews. Through influencers, brands can overcome ad-blocking and the resilience consumers have developed towards promotional ads and hard selling. Companies attempt to regain some control over these online conversations and ultimately impact consumer behavior. Influencer marketing adds a unique voice to a brand conversation, because the influencer speaks the language of the brand audience.

Today’s successful brands are those offering their customers a personalized experience and focus on creating relationships.  Influencer marketing is a unique channel that leverages this relationship with the customer and enables brands to win their hearts, eyes, and loyalty over time.  


Social media allows for the formation of communities around specific topics, and today’s consumers are actively turning to these fora to inform their purchasing decisions. Given the amount of options people are exposed to on a daily basis, they no longer wish to be approached by irrelevant brands or receive unpersonalized promotions. Conventional advertising media can reach millions of people. However, due to their minimal and basic targeting capacities, a significant portion of this population is likely to ignore the content. In fact, 86% of today’s consumers are suffering from ad-blindness and even with the advanced targeting technologies at marketers disposal, less than 3% of consumers consider an ad relevant to them. Working with an influencer who has built a cohesive following aligned with that of the brand means that marketers can effectively promote their products or services through someone who has already skimmed through the market and has secured an engaged and highly relevant audience. As an example, for Glider Gloves, Sidebuy selected an influencer who generated an average 20% CTR (Click-through Rate) on their  e-commerce site, compared compared to an average 2% CTR of PPC campaigns.  Relevancy and targetability matter. Influencer Marketing converts. .


Through the right influencers, brands uncover the needs and wants of their audience at every step of the funnel and, by providing a compelling message at the optimal time, they assist them in making well informed decisions. Focusing on Customer Experience enables long-term profitability and influencer marketing is a far-reaching tool to communicate a meaningful, branded experience. By leveraging influencers, brands turn prospects into loyal brand advocates, and consumers, on the other hand, access an engaging and authentic source of information. At their fingertips.

High Return

Businesses are making higher ROIs compared to other digital channels, when leveraging the power of influencers.  By partnering with the right influencers, brands are generating as high as $11.69 in Earned Media Value for every dollar spent on paid media.  Ongoing conversations nurture loyalty and trust, which translate to conversions and brand equity. Love it or hate it, influencer marketing is here to stay as over 92% of marketers are considering this channel as an effective one and close to 40% are planning to raise their influencer marketing budget. Tapping on the advantages of social media and content marketing, this unique channel helps marketers to promote their brands to their consumers in a way that appeals to them. Due to the high relevance and authenticity of content created by influencers, the viewers are more likely to trust the content and thus convert. Since the benefits of influencer marketing outweigh the challenges, it is predicted that influencer marketing will go towards a more mature stage in the coming year.


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