January Feature Blogger | Laura of What’s Hot Blog

Please share a bit about yourself and your blog:
I’m Laura, a blogger from London and recent graduate from Oxford University. I studied French at uni and ever since my year abroad in Paris, I’ve had a serious case of the travel bug. Now I love to share tips and reviews on the best reads, eats and destinations on my blog. What’s Hot? was created way back in 2011 and is now a popular culture, travel & lifestyle blog. You’ll find a little bit of everything here because I like to try a little bit of everything but this is mostly a culture, fashion, travel & lifestyle blog.
What prompted you to become an influencer?
I started my blog almost 7 years ago. I had just helped to set up a fashion magazine at school with a couple of my classmates but when the final edition went to print, there wasn’t enough room for loads of my articles. I was gutted! I decided to put them online so they wouldn’t go to waste and voila, What’s Hot was born.
If you can name one of the biggest challenges and one of the biggest rewards of being an influencer with our readers?
Challenge: Trying to remain authentic whilst also wanting to get sponsorship opportunities
Reward: Making friends with other people through social media – sometimes internationally!
If you can share one tip to those who are starting out as influencers, what would it be?
Don’t buy likes, don’t buy followers. If you are posting good content and promoting it appropriately then growth will come, even if it is a little slow.
What is the one tool that you can’t live without as an influencer?
Mosaico – An Instagram feed planning app
Can you describe one of the best collaborations you had with a brand? How did it look like?
This is a tough one because I’ve done quite a few recently that I’ve greatly enjoyed. My all time favourites have to be those with the Warner Bros Studio Tour. I experienced the Harry Potter tour after hours with lots of food and alcohol and it was (excuse the pun) magical.
Where do you think is the future of influencer marketing is going for both influencers and for brands?
I think it’s just getting started and it’s only going to grow and grow. We’re seeing the rise of the “micro-influencer” at the moment, which is exciting, because it means less ads on Kimmy K’s IG page and more on us small time bloggers’! I hope this trend lasts because I know just how much I am influenced by the people I follow so it really is an effective marketing strategy.
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