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The Confessions of an Aspiring Influencer

Guest post by Nyashamayne A Vancouver-based Lifestyle Influencer

“We all hear the term “influencer” being used more so now than ever before as companies are becoming more aware of its impact on conversions, and consumers are choosing to connect with social influencers who have a powerful voice and are using their voice to share their opinions on products and services. According to research, 92% of consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations above all forms of advertising, because consumers have grown cynical towards advertising.

In a city like Vancouver, where everyone has a voice, it can be tough as a micro-influencer to get to the next level. Sometimes, there appears to be no room at the table for one additional one amongst the more prominent and recognizable influencers. When starting out in the creative space, it can be discouraging to see yourself at the bottom level as you are comparing your status to someone’s highlight reel – which is a big mistake! We all have to start from somewhere, and through consistency, perseverance and hard work, your reel will become someone’s #goals.

During a frank conversation over coffee with Yasmin Ebrahimi – Content Creator and Marketing Manager of Sidebuyer, she dropped major gems, but the key takeaways were:

  1. Micro-influencers/bloggers have a voice – so keep doing what you are doing.
  2. Have an editorial calendar because you have to stick to a schedule. People want to hear from you on a more frequent basis.
  3. It is about quality and the message you are sharing; not quantity.

As a micro-influencer and creative who is finding their footing in these tumultuous waters, I choose every day to put myself out there, come what may, because my voice is important. My thoughts are essential and are validated by my decision to share them with my audience because they deserve a conversation. Choosing to expose myself in such a light is not only challenging but also insightful because not everyone will like it, but those who do will take away the message and start a dialogue. It is not always easy to show ourselves in a vulnerable light, but it is a necessity to be able to build one’s brand and connect with one’s audience. Life is not picture-perfect, and it is in our ability to share the good, the bad and the ugly of what it means to be an influencer.

What I have found as a small fish in a big pond of influencers is that being authentic and true to yourself is what attracts people. Be it in style, food, travel, culture, etc., when all is said and done; people want to know more about you because of your essence. Therefore, while it may feel like a tough and insurmountable mountain one has to climb to grow one’s audience, stay on the course – produce content that is real and share it with an open heart because there are people who are reading and engaging with it. It is not about the volume people hear you at, but about the sound that you are making.”

Guest post by Nyashamayne

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