Sidebuy Influencer Feature: Kiki and Tarik of Closs Fashion

 At Sidebuy, we believe in people. We believe that what sets influencer marketing apart from other digital channels is the human element that makes it more authentic, engaging and effective. With this in mind, we love to put the spotlight on our influencers and introduce them in a way for our readers to actually get to know them and what made them who they are.
Today, we are featuring a creative couple, only at their 20s, who found their way into their passion industry at a place where does not offer a lot of opportunities through blogging and have managed to create a community of over 70,000 highly engaged audience around them. Check out our interview with Kiki and Tarik, the creators of the Closs Fashion.
1) Please let us know about yourself and your blog?
“We are Kiki and Tarik! We are 21 years old fashion bloggers and influencers. This may sound a little cliche but we love fashion. We read VOGUE since we were ten, a career in fashion was always our goal. After graduating from school, we started our first steps in the world of fashion blogging, and on May 2017, we launched, a personal style blog about fashion, beauty and amazing destinations for travelling.”
2) When did you start blogging and what prompted you to become influencers?
“We started blogging when we finished high school. We knew for sure we wanted to work in the fashion world so we had to find a way in. Since we did not live in any of the fashion capitals or a city with many opportunities for a career in fashion, a start from the world of internet was just perfect considering that with a lot of work and effort it offers equal opportunities without putting any borders.”
3) what are the advantages and challenges of working as a duo when it comes to blogging?
“Hmm, interesting question!
Well, the advantages are more than the disadvantages. Working with your soulmate makes you feel more relaxed, free and confident. We know each other very well and that helps us to work faster and to be more productive. On the other hand, working with your boyfriend/girlfriend may create some extra tension and the most important thing is to find your balance. We still try to find the balance between work and relationship.”
4) What was the best campaign you worked on?
“One of our favourite collaborations was Cornelia Webb x net-a-porter exclusive wedding jewellery collection. It was so exciting. The brand contacted us directly saying how much they like our aesthetic and that they wanted us to promote their exclusive collection of bridal jewellery for Net-a-porter. It was a high-end luxurious collaboration and we always enjoy some luxury!!!”
5) You guys have a well-curated Instagram page. Do you have any tips for influencers to plan their feed?
“Planning our Instagram feed is hard sometimes. We are never 100% satisfied, so we always try to take different shots to have more variety which we think is very important to make your feed interesting.”
6) Do you have any other influencers that you look up to?
“We really love the work of the French j’aime touche toi , they are a blogging couple as well, we take so much inspiration from them on how to balance the duo on our blog and Instagram. We also adore Maria Bernard’s Instagram feed, she’s so so unique with her androgynous style and she definitely knows how to wear a suit
jacket !!”
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