Sidebuy Influencer Feature | Candy Washington

At Sidebuy, we are always on the lookout to discover inspiring content creators and influencers who are openly and authentically sharing their unique voices. Today, we are putting the spotlight on a truly inspirational influencer, blogger and actress Candy Washington who is discussing her experience as an influencer and sharing some tips for those who are starting out.

Sidebuy: Please share a little bit about yourself and your blog:

Candy: “I’m Candy Washington, an actress, fashion and lifestyle influencer, writer, and on-camera host for Disney Style. My blog is Actress with Style, a digital destination for all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and entertainment geared toward the active millennial.”

Sidebuy: What prompted you to become an influencer?

Candy: “I always knew that I wanted to do something creative and something that would give me a platform to help others. Being an influencer is the best of both worlds. I’m able to work with amazing brands, share my experience with my audience, and inspire others to live happier and more fulfilled lives. For me, it’s the perfect way to be a creative professional.”

Sidebuy: If you can name one of the biggest challenges of being an influencer what would it be?

Candy: “Creating residual and sustainable income. Depending on what stage you’re at as an influencer, it can be a lot of chasing projects and campaigns. But to truly be a professional in the field, you have to find a way to generate income that goes beyond one-off paychecks.”

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Sidebuy: If you can name one of the biggest rewards of being an influencer what would it be?
Candy: “Sharing my voice, ideas, and experiences with others. It’s the most rewarding thing when someone messages me that my content inspired them to start their own business, try a new look, or it just made them smile that day. Truly connecting with others makes it all worth it.”

Sidebuy: If you can share one tip to those who are starting out as influencers, what would it be?

Candy: “Know your worth. Whether you have 2 followers or 2 million, your voice, your perspective, and your reach are valuable. Also, try to silence the negative thoughts in your mind that don’t serve you or your dream. The biggest obstacle that we have is to get over is self-doubt.”

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Sidebuy: Can you describe one of the best collaborations you had with a brand? How did it look like

Candy: “I loved working with Pretty Little Thing on a campaign with their collaboration with Olivia Culpo. I got to style her pieces my own way and then share them on my blog and social media channels. They also dressed me for an event they had while launching their collaboration with Kourtney Kardashian. Another dream collaboration I did was with Mercedes-Benz and we created mini-videos highlighting our favourite things about living in Los Angeles.”

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Sidebuy: Where do you think is the future of influencer marketing is going for both influencers and for brands?

Candy: “I think it’s going toward more video content, and Instagram Stories will be really important as a way to work with brands. For brands, I think they will start to hire influencers as consultants on the business side as well. As long as we have social media, influencer marketing is here to stay, but I think influencers will start to get savvier about their strategies and create their own brands to promote.”

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