Give Guatemala: Fashion That Gives

In our previous two blog post posts, we’ve been showcasing some of our favourite brands that are leveraging creativity to offer sustainable products without compromising uniqueness, aesthetics and quality. In this post, we are featuring another local favourite that is implementing sustainable practices not just in their offerings, but also to improve the lives of the people that are directly and indirectly involved in the production process.

Give Guatemala Canada

Give Guatemala is a great example of a sustainable brand that is making an impact by partnering up with local designers and artisans to create a collection of hand-crafted products that tell stories reflecting the local aesthetics, history and culture. The pieces curated by Give Guatemala are carefully crafted to express the Guatemalan beauties and bright colours to the world and yet support the local community.


Fashion that gives back

By partnering with Give Guatemala, the local Guatemalan designers get access to a steady fair income enabling them to create a better future for their families and themselves. Also, Give Guatemala donates 15% of their profit to local charities to empower them to create social change with education, health and development programs for women and children.

Click here to shop their colourful and fashion-forward products.

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