IDS Embraces Sustainability Without Compromise

The Interior Design Show Vancouver (IDS) this weekend offered an abundance of design-centric enthusiasts who came together to represent the Pacific Northwest design community. The exhibition was an eclectic mix of local start-ups and artists to industry leading brands and world-class designers. While the range of exhibitors was pleasantly diverse, pulling from realms of fashion, home decor, architecture, personal care, art, and technology, one underlying theme this year which really stood out to us was environmental consciousness.

The need to be environmentally responsible in today’s world is ever pressing and at times can put pressure on brands to be adaptive to the growing wants of consumers who have taken up the desire to live more sustainably. Fortunately, many of the brands at the IDS this weekend not only acknowledged this movement, they embraced it. Through inspiration and creativity, here are some brands from this year’s IDS who embraced sustainability without compromising aesthetics, quality, or uniqueness.


Motivated by their zero waste strategy, ChopValue creates beautiful products made completely from recycled bamboo chopsticks. This innovative company would not settle for the reality that in Vancouver alone over 100,000 disposable chopsticks make it to the landfill every day. From tiles to yoga blocks, this design startup offers Vancouverites an ethical and stylish solution to this problem and has recycled almost 1million chopsticks since July 2016. You can check out and shop their line of products here.

Chop Value


Mrs. Meyers

Inspired by garden-fresh scents, Mrs. Meyers offers a diversified line of home cleaning and personal care products made with plant-derived ingredients. Their products are biodegradable and made of at least 25% post-consumer plastic.   Not only do their products smell amazing and are gentle on your home and body, they are innovative and thoughtfully formulated to clean surfaces as well as other national brands. Our favourite scents were Relaxing Lavender and Crisp Basil. Check them out here.

Mrs. Meyers

Shipway Living Design

Shipway Living Design is all about embracing nature with their locally sourced and handmade products. The wood used to make all of their furniture comes from a sustainably-managed community forest on Cortes Island, BC. They merge minimalist, modern style with a founding commitment to the environment to create beautifully crafted pieces for their clients. You can read more of their story and shop their products here.


Influencer marketing complements brands who have environmental consciousness on their agenda for several reasons. Although environmental sustainability has generated more awareness in recent decades than ever before, it remains a niche concept. Through influencer marketing, sustainable brands are able to recognize, reach, and connect with influencers who have access to that certain niche market. Rather than using broadly distributed channels, influencer marketing reaches distinct and focused online communities who parallel a brand’s target market through online avenues (no wasted trees here!).

Additionally, many of the brands who practice methods of environmental consciousness do so because of deeply seeded affections. Whether that passion is to reduce waste, take better care of our bodies, or generate greater respect for our forests, all of the brands we featured here have integral ethics behind them. Influencer marketing not only shares with audiences “What” brands are offering, it shares the “Why” through personalized and thoughtful content.

Showcasing the beliefs and methods behind a brand’s business model is essential to attracting a complementary audience, but conveying these ethics is especially impactful for eco-friendly brands who have a story to tell. Influencer marketing not only enables brands to reach their niche demographics, it permits brand’s to share their stories with online communities, audiences, and consumers.

Written by: Schyler Edmundson

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