Brand Feature | 600 SQ, Solving Problems Through Design & Creativity

With the Interior Design Show Vancouver (IDS) coming up this week, it’s the perfect time to shed some light on our local favourite brands and one of this year’s IDS exhibitors, who are creating products that are not only beautiful but also solve a problem via design and creativity.

600SQ is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Vancouver, BC focusing on product design, fabrication, and communication that has recently launched their line of furniture. As the name suggests, the furniture line is made for small spaces. Minimal design, sustainability, and functionality are at the core of the products built by 600SQ. Every piece is with putting the modern human living in urban cities at the heart of its design. They are fabricated to solve the common complications of our modern lives from lack of space and storage, to sustainability.

Check out and shop their beautiful pieces.

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