Influencer Feature: Interview with A Glass of Style Sisters

A Glass of Style is a style and wine blog by two lovely sisters, Chanel and Emily. These two influencers leverage their blog as an outlet to share their love of style, delicious food & wine, and awesome adventures. Check out our interview with them to get to know them better!

Can you tell us a bit about you and your blog, a glass of style?

Emily: A Glass of Style is a snippet into our lives. We are sisters that share a love for everything style, wine, food and travel related. I mean… who doesn’t love all of these things?

Chanel went to fashion school and works in the eyewear industry, so she is a wealth of knowledge and is always up with the current trends. I (Emily) went to wine school. More often than not I’ll be found swirling and analyzing a glass of vino. About 3 years ago we realized there wasn’t anyone talking about wine and style together, so we decided to merge our talents to create A Glass of Style.

● How is it working as a duo? Any of you focus on a specific niche/category?

Chanel: It has been a really fun, but challenging journey blogging together. I cover the style aspect of A Glass of Style and Emily covers everything food & wine related. It definitely helps to have one of us constantly creating content. I think it has brought us closer and allowed us to push each other to explore ideas we may not have otherwise. We wrote a post about blogging as a duo and all of the ups and downs, go check it out if you’re considering partnering up!

Emily: As sisters who live almost a thousand kilometers away from each other, it’s nice to have something to do together and keep us close. I find Chanel challenges me to stay motivated and focused. It’s always fun getting carried away running ideas by each other and seeing what we come up with.

● As wine experts, do you have any local favorites?

Chanel: Em I’ll let you answer this one!

Emily: Having grown up in the Okanagan we were able to watch the winery boom happen right before our eyes. One of my absolute faves is Okanagan Crush Pad. Not only is the winery itself beautiful, but they also produce Haywire and Narrative Wines and Spirits in the same facility. They’re educational and fun in their tastings as they explain their use of natural and wild fermentations making for some unique wines.

Check out Emily’s ultimate Okanagan wine road trip

● We absolutely love your photos on your social channels. Who takes your photos? Also, do you have a tip for other influencers when it comes to photography for their blog?

Chanel: Thank you so much! We give most of the credit to our Instagram Husbands. A few quick tips:

1. Stick with a consistent theme and colours for your images.

2. Invest in a great camera. I recently purchased the Olympus E-M10 Mark II and it has been an incredible little camera.

3. Team up with other bloggers and photographers. Not only to help each other with taking photos but to help build your community.

Emily: Yes! Almost all the credit goes to our Instagram husbands. I’ve also been learning Lightroom lately. It’s a great editing tool to create a few signature filters for your Instagram to keep a consistent aesthetic.

Check out A Glass of Style Instagram


● What do you think is the most important quality of a great influencer?

Chanel: Relatability. If your community doesn’t trust you and your opinions do you really have influence? Relatability and to be business savvy. After all, your blog is your business!

Emily: What she said! Chanel‘s the master of making connections, staying connected and building trust with our following.

● So you also work as an influencer marketing expert at Can you share some of the fun influencer marketing campaigns that you successfully strategized and managed?

Chanel: Yes! It has been such an asset to be on both sides of the influencer world for my 9-5. We have run quite a few fun and memorable campaigns this year. We launched our Ambassador program at the start of the year, a number of sponsored campaigns and launched a new exclusive eyewear brand Main + Central in June. With the launch, we did a large scale gifting campaign across Canada and the US to over 75 influencers, hosted a “Frame to Table” dinner here in Vancouver and an influencer dinner in New York. It has been a really exciting year taking on the influencer marketing at Clearly!

● As an influencer and an influencer marketing expert, where do you think the future of influencer marketing is going?

Chanel: Influencer marketing is always changing and it’s interesting to see how fast it evolves. It’s definitely not going anywhere, but I do think influencers need to make themselves stand out from the crowd more than ever. With all of the changes happening on Instagram, influencers will need to own their presence on more social channels.

From a brand perspective, I’ve been noticing there are a lot of opportunities to include influencer-generated content into different levels of marketing campaigns. It’s not going to be enough to repost influencer content on social anymore, but it’s moving towards full marketing campaigns featuring ads and emails with influencer content in the future.

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