Sidebuy to Partner with Women in Tech to Empower Driving WinTech Initiative

We are thrilled to announce Sidebuy’s partnership with Women in Tech World to support their Driving WinTech initiative empowering a national movement for the Canadian women in the technology industry. This initiative entails a fact-finding tour to conduct conversations answering the essential questions to define who are women in tech in Canada, what’s the current experience of women in tech and what are the best practices for inclusion and promotion of women in tech in Canada. As a female-led company in a male-dominated industry, we are delighted to be part of this amazing program to spark a change for women in the tech industry all across Canada.

About Driving WinTech

Driving WinTech is a community-based research tour to better understand and support women in the technology industry in Canada. There have been over 30 Community Conversations set up across the country, with a goal of connecting with over 10,000 people from diverse backgrounds. The road trip will take two months, starting in Vancouver, BC before heading up to the Yukon and across to the Maritimes.

Who’s involved?

The event will feature research activities, networking opportunities and panel discussions by Trailblazing Women in Tech, including Iris Gutowsky (Safe Software), Tracy Huitika (Unbounce), Julia Taylor-Hell (Microsoft), Louisa Thue (Hootsuite) and Stephanie Redivo (SAP).

Sidebuy as a Community Partner

As a community partner, Sidebuy will be spreading the news about this groundbreaking movement with the network of over 2,000 Canadian influencers and will be activating campaigns with influencers who are also passionate about this cause and want to leverage their influence to generate more engagement from the community.

Interested in contributing to this national impact?

Contact us at and let us know how you’d like to get involved or simply click here to take the survey to be a part of this movement.

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