Sidebuy September Feature Blogger: Our Interview with Thania Peck the Blogger behind Catcherinthestyle

Catch her in the Style is a fashion and lifestyle blog by the South African beauty, Thania Peck who has been tastefully and creatively sharing  her adventures in style. Check out our interview with her shediing more life on her life as an influencer.

Sidebuy: You have a unique style. Can you describe your style and share more about where you find inspirations for your looks?

Thania: Thank you so much for the compliment. I find my style inspiration from old movies. I also love style icons from the 1960’s mainly the Parisians. The art behind fashion gives me so much. I look at old vintage pieces and in my head, I envision how it used to be worn. To think about the life of vintage pieces before I owned it is pretty neat.           

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Sidebuy: Tell us about your modeling time and your most favorite fashion shows

Thania: When I was modeling I didn’t appreciate the industry like I do now. It’s much better to be a creative with a voice. I have respect for all designers. I think everyone works really hard so people can dress well.  

Sidebuy: How do you create content for your blog and Instagram posts? (What is your vision when you are doing your photo shoots)

Thania: When I’m creating content, I like to have a story behind the imagery. Make the outfit have a life. I really enjoy what I do. Most of the time it’s just my friends and me hanging out and we happen to shoot some photos that day.  

Sidebuy: Where’s your favorite city when it comes to fashion and style?

Thania: I love Paris. It’s always been so timeless. My favorite style icon is Francois Hardy and she’s French. Her music is amazing. Listen to Le Temps De L’Amour it’s amazing.

Sidebuy: What do you find to be the most challenging thing about being a social media influencer?

Thania: Well, I feel very blessed to be a content creator that brands can trust. The thing I find most challenging is I can work 18 hour days and not even bat an eye. Being a social media influencer is more than just photo’s online or likes on photos. We are writers, producers, photographers, creating creative concept briefs. It encompasses a lot. We all have teams of freelancers to help with the process. The blog is a small ad agency. Nothing slows down at all, it’s a juggling act. While we are doing those things I mentioned usually you can find me traveling for projects. Keep that stress game strong. haha.  

Sidebuy: You have a passion for music, do you play any instruments?

Thania: I love learning song on piano off

Sidebuy: We love your photos at music festivals around the world. Do you have any favorites or recommendations?

Thania: Thanks for that. Music festivals are my favorite place in the entire world. I love dancing and just sitting on the grass with my friends discovering new music is magic. I usually try and find the artists I like on Spotify. My friend Bruce ( is the music guy on staff he makes all the Catcher in the Style Spotify playlists

Sidebuy: What is your definition of a good influencer? Is there anyone you look up to?

Thania: I think the definition of a good influencer is they should influence the world in a positive way. I work with a few charities and I look up to my friends running the charities. That is a lot of work. The charities I support are The Young and Brave Foundation, Slide Ranch, DKMS, TOMS Shoes and Find your Grind.

Sidebuy: You’re from Johannesburg, South Africa. Do you think that has any impact on your style?

Thania: Yes, of course! My mom has very chic style and we have a lot of fun making outfits. She always suggests things to me that are trending. South Africans have great style 🙂

Thanks for the great interview!


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