Guest Post : 5 reasons Why Influencer Marketing is the Best Choice for Brands

Guest Post by Blogger Raji Writes

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole. It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers and those who are users of the brand and anchors marketing activities around these individuals.

Influencers provide content which can be a testimonial for a brand or advertising notes where they play the role of a potential buyer themselves, or third parties. Professionals like Journalists, academics, industry analysts, professional advisers, and so on are also considered to be influencers when they advocate for a brand without buying. Influence marketing although is present in the Marketing industry for many years has been lately realized to be of great value. If you haven’t considered Influencer Marketing for your brand yet, here are five compelling reasons which make you consider that:

Five reasons Why Influencer Marketing is the best choice for brands:

Target the Whale with a fish:

The consumer market is huge and growing every day. It is impossible for brands to reach out to the entire base without enormous spending. Influencer Marketing helps you here!

By working with the small community of Influencers and establishing good working relationships, brands get first-hand experience information of their products from Influencers. With a right selection of influencers, brands can get great results for their marketing. They only need to focus their marketing efforts to these influencers, instead of focusing on spreading the news about their product to the entire public. Influencers, upon realizing the value of the brand, are automatically going to take their experiences to their audience, which is the target customer base for a brand.

Greater reach, shorter time-to-market for your brand:

In traditional Marketing, a brand has to spend a great amount of time in promotion and advertisements at the time of launch of the product. The reach of the promotion and subsequent sales revenue of a brand takes a while, as the spread of the word of the brand takes a longer time to reach people. People will think about buying only when a product is already famous. But with Influencer Marketing, the Influencer is connecting with their followers almost every day. The possibility of promoting the product is almost instant. The reach of the word about a brand is phenomenally higher than broadcasted advertisements.

Credibility by authentic storytelling

Any new brand has to be unique in order to create a market for their product. A specialized market for a product forms only when the brand is known to be dependable and reliable. Brands need credible attestation to show amongst their target audience that their product is the best. By connecting with the right Influencer, brands can achieve credibility without much struggle.

Influencers know how to connect the audience with an engaging and authentic story.

How many of us will buy a Tooth Paste just because the brand says it has a great fighting action against germs? Probably 1 or 2 out of 100.  20 or more people are more likely to buy when a known friend of theirs or an influential third party tell a story about how they overcome their bad teeth problem with the Tooth Paste.  

And when you have heard an authentic story about a brand, you are more likely to remember it when you make a purchase.

Faster and effective campaign through Digital Media

Gone are the days where a TV / News Paper ad would attract a customer to the store and do a purchase. Brands need more than that to spread the word and attract the right audience. Here comes Influencer Marketing through digital platform! It can be effectively conducted using digital media, which has a greater reach than traditional media. Influencers have great no.of followers in social media like Facebook, Instagram and when they make regular comments or posts about a product, the product will get instant popularity and high chances of going viral. This will contribute to numerous potential buyers for the brand, with great followers. We cannot achieve this good customer base amount in Traditional Marketing.

ROI is high and it’s not just Money:

Last but not the least, the ROI is definitely higher in Influence Marketing. What is ROI?

 (Revenue earned from campaign – Money spent on campaign) / Money spent on campaign = ROI

Whilst the ROI is claimed to be 11X through Influence Marketing, some reports say that the KPIs are yet to be established clearly. But ROI is not just money for a brand. It is about creating continuous value.

ROI with Influencer Marketing is more than money. With an effective campaign, the influencer’s followers will turn to the followers of the brand. So there will be growth in followers, growth in the users of the brand and the popularity of the brand just increases. Even after the campaign is over, there are high chances for the brand related posts are to be viewed by millions, converting them into potential customers.

These are the differentiation factors that any brand wouldn’t want to miss. I’m sure you too!

Are you a brand looking to collaborate with relevant influencers?

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Written by Raji Writes

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