Announcing Sidebuy’s Partnership with L’Atelier Coworking

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with L’Atelier Coworking, a collaborative space for creative entrepreneurs, small business, and freelancers.

Located in the heart of Gastown, Vancouver, L’Atelier was founded by Sabrina Chammas in 2016 and has over 140 active members to this day working out of this beautiful space. Sabrina opened L’Atelier as she couldn’t find an ideal place to work from, besides her home or a coffee shop where she had to work in isolation! So she decided to launch a coworking hub and a community of people, just like her, who are looking for a comfortable, inspiring, and affordable space to realize their unique projects and connect with other like minded and forward thinking creators. And so, she founded L’Atelier, which is a French word for “The Workshop”.

When you enter the L’Atelier Coworking, you instantly feel like you want to sit down on one of the desks and create something, as you see others in motion. This space instantly conveys a feel-good vibe, with its brick walls and minty green accent lamps. L’Atelier provides all the essentials for an entrepreneur, or a small business, such as meeting rooms, rock solid internet, mailbox services, and printers, scanners, etc. However, this is not just an office space where people come at 9 am and leave at 5 pm uninspired, and just to get their jobs done. This is a space built with the professional millennials in mind. At L’Atelier you get to connect with other creative professionals who can support you, one way or another. You get to meet inspiring people who are designing, creating and making a difference. L’Atelier is built around community and creativity.

The Focus Journal is the latest project being developed at the L’Atelier Coworking, after witnessing and analyzing the work process of the modern creative freelancers. The Focus Journal is a minimalist booklet designed to help you plan your days efficiently while balancing productivity, happiness, and well-being. The minimal design of the journal allows room for thinking without imposing rigid method or thought frameworks. The Kickstarter campaign for the Focus Journal is launching in September to allows all creatives to leverage it for their projects. 

With our new partnership, Sidebuy will be the exclusive influencer marketing arm providing L’Atelier with the database of thousands of creative content creators and influencers to collaborate and to create more buzz around the Focus Journal project. L’Atelier will provide Sidebuy with their space for events, workshops and offer their hot desks and meeting rooms for Sidebuy influencers.

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Photos by: Olivia Sari, Alexa Mazzarello, and Deanna Flinn

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