For Bloggers | 5 Rules of Collaboration

Brand partnerships with social influencers are on the rise. They realize the effective and authentic connection these bloggers have with their audiences. Now that you’ve created a rock solid media kit from scratch, reached out to your favorite brands, and landed your first proposition, it’s time to come up with a dynamite strategy to manage these collaborations. Best to be prepared for the future because you can expect a sudden outreach from brands looking for ambitious influencers. Here are our 5 rules for bloggers collaborating with brands.


It’s imperative to have a contract that outlines the plan and sets it in stone or paper in this case. The contract can come directly from the brand or from you. That’s correct. You can create your own template where you can state certain agreements such as posting dates in accordance with their campaign, price & payment methods, define ownership and usage rights of materials, etc. No question that having a contract will help ensure that both parties can discuss agreements and will benefit from the collaboration.


Microsoft Word and Google Docs are amazing at detecting grammatical errors and misspelled words, but it can’t catch every detail. Last time you noticed a slip-up on a subscriber or blogger, it instantly lowers their credibility in the audience’s view. Although there has never been a study where these mistakes affect revenue directly, it could make others perceive you as an amateur, thus lowering engagement. Being extra picky and meticulous in your content; including to make certain that you have crisp clear photos, only takes a few minutes that’ll save you the embarrassment.


Sharing the content you just created with the brand allows one-of-two lines of reasoning why you must connect back with them.

One: You don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, especially if they’re a giant (brand). It’s only respectful that you touch base with them as you would expect the same treatment from others.

Two: Going back to point # 2, it’s a good way for a new set of fresh eyes to edit your content(s). Possibly spotting out errors & mistakes that you’ve become immune to after staring at the same thing for long periods of time.


Being ‘see-through’ or openly discussing to the brand your opinions on the collaboration as a whole allows them to curate to your target niche. You can speak freely if you believe this is relevant to your audience at this time (maybe there’s something viral going on at the moment?) Don’t be daunted from the big guys out there. One mistake brands make is that they take the reigns of the entire campaign, but you know your readers better than them!


After all the dust has settled from scrambling back & forth, editing this & that, both the influencer and the brand can openly share results at the end of the campaign. Not only should have this been established in the contract but as a writer, you have the right to see these positive results. Why is this a rule for bloggers you ask? The simple answer is that it’s rewarding. Seeing followers/subscribers increase and hearing ROI (Return On Investments) numbers mean exposure, and with exposure means growth. You can bet yourself that you’ll be seeing the brand again when they need a reliable influencer.


  1. Alexandra

    Good information here. I need to look into a contract template. On the to-do list!


  2. 1writeraround

    These are excellent pointers for bloggers who are already engaging with brands or just starting out. I especially love the tip for creating your own contracts, many bloggers rely on the brand/contact to create them and it’s not always to the blogger’s benefit.


  3. Those tips are just so helpful! Thanks for sharing ❤


  4. Some really great tips here. Especially about contracts. I always ask for email clarification on points I’m not happy with!


  5. Great tips especially for beginners. I would add over deliver. Brands will remember.


  6. This is such a handy guide especially for those who haven’t tried to collaborate with brands before. I do have a system that I follow and it is always good to communicate with them especially about the posting schedule.

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane


  7. Thanks for sharing all of these tips. I’m trying to work with more brands as I continue to grow my blog so I’ll take any advice. 🙂



  8. I have only started for a few months so this is so useful! Thank you 🙂


  9. I love these tips – simple and straightforward. I will definitely make a note to self for future collaborations!! 🙂


  10. christyzspeaks

    This is just further evidence I have so much to learn. I really love writing and I would like to make it a side hiustle but I know nothing so I appreciate all the information!


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