The word traveling or vacation already sparks a pleasant image in everyone’s minds. Whether it’s in the humid tropics with lush vegetation, the old historical sights with endless stories, or even in those hidden gems that people see once in a lifetime. Traveling is the time to relax, explore, and enjoy. It can however also be a complete struggle if you’re not prepared. Making a decision on where to go and what to do once you get there can be an overwhelming adventure in itself. These bloggers help ease the journey by sharing insight on key information on travel destinations and more, that may make the highlight of your trip.


Jessica Luxe This current Vancouverite charmer is no stranger to all things beautiful, including herself. Her approach to traveling? Fashion! Why not combine the two most eye-pleasing experiences? The type of photos you’ll find on her Instagram or Facebook with over 20k followers showcase unique locations that require traveling to reach. Our favorite photo (above) – a beautiful red printed maxi dress contrast against a Hawaiian volcano. (21.6k total following)


A Piece of Elise Her easily relatable personal adventure to find her true passion and things that excite her is only one of the reasons she has a following of 45.8k just on Instagram. After spending 5 years in Bangkok and graduating with a BBA degree in Marketing, Elise began her own silk loungewear collection back in Victoria B.C called ´ELISE. Traveling with style and grace never looked so chic until Elise uncovers it! (60.4k total following)


Living Boldly To Meagan Faye, living boldly also means living joyfully. A Vancouver gal with an urban fashion sense uses her blog as a means of a creative outlet that her 69.3k followers on Instagram never miss the opportunity to catch a glimpse into her everyday advetures. Ms. Faye also covers fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and of course travel! Our favorite is her most recent luxurious adventure that allowed her to journey to 5 different locations (accommodation/sustenance included!). A complete wanderlust everytime you stumble onto her social media. (89.8k total following)


Go Live Explore A British girl who now calls Vancouver her hometown created Go Live Explore to unmask a ‘lifestyle and travel destination for a stylish adventure.’ Alicia’s chic style, sweet smile, and crisp-clean photography are addicting to delve into. Her North American lifestyle, allows her 25.5k following throughout her broad social media (Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest) relate to her large audience who also enjoy starting personal conversations with Alicia on her page. (25.5k total following)


To Vogue or Bust A Vancouver-based travel-addict, Alexandra Grant will surely grant you to hunger for your next voyage! You’ll find on her strong, minimal, yet creative visuals on Instagram and Pinterest is acknowledged with a combined 93.5k reach. Her purpose; to inspire/empower readers to extend style in all areas of life. A little secret between us, she’s even got 8 tips to master travel photography. Don’t mind if I do! (93.5k total following)


Alicia Fashionista A true Vancouver resident with her love of morning coffee (which I can’t complain about), her romantic-vintage style of photography, and her knack to travel within her home province. Her authentic posts on her Instagram, makes the 20.4k viewers feel like they’re reliving the moment, a genuine connection she has established within her social media. Alicia’s lovable urban-city style is never complete without what she believes is the ‘best accessory’, confidence. (34.1k total following)


And a Thousand Words First, click on the homepage of Merel Van Poorten’s and I instantly fell captivated to her blog! It might just be because I have a weak spot for organized, simple, and clean websites, but the photos themselves are completely stunning, capturing serene moments of color and glamor. It’s no wondering her 120k following on Instagram has shot her into the instafamous group. This Amsterdam-based blogger is also a jewelry designer which explains why she knows how to look fabulous in everything! (157.1k total following)


Christie Ferrari Located in The Big Apple (New York), Christie began her blog to inspire fashionista’s around with everyday outfits as seen on her Instagram, mixing high-end and streetwear garments attainable by everyone. She also blogs her trips around Miami and New York. One specifically staying at an apartment hotel (what?) in New York as opposed to a traditional hotel. Christie’s city-chic style is modern and fashion-forward, perfectly relatable for the urban gal. (209.4k total following)


travelFREAK If you thought you’ve done it all, think again, and then think again! Jeremy Scott Foster has dedicated his life to traveling, even giving up his dream job to do so. His aim across his social media is to ‘help you find the strength and motivation to cultivate the things you want in life.’ Jeremy’s impressive photographs and unique stories behind them will keep you in awe and wonder. You might as well cancel that travel advisor appointment because Jeremy has got you covered. (88.2k total following)


We Blog the World The brains behind this online blog site is a one- stop-shop with what seems like endless sources of information. From San Francisco, Renee Blodgett aims to educate and entertain the savvy traveler whilst focusing on what she calls Transformative Travel; transform how you view the world and your role in it. Her 1.05m followers on Twitter appreciate the blog guides from food/wine to wellness, along with 68.5k audience across the rest of her social media. Whether it’s your first time traveling or your 50th time, We Blog the World will have a new adventure for you to discover. (1,15M total following)

Are you a travel blogger?

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