Why Have a Media Kit for Fashion Week?

With the growth of influencer marketing, it’s just as important to have your media kit set up for Fashion Week as it is to look the part and exchange business cards. Runway shows, parties, and other glamorous events aside, the networking opportunities presented in New York, London, and Paris are unprecedented, especially for bloggers. Here’s why you should have a media kit live and updated for fashion week:

1. Puts a face to your blog

Showing up and mingling with potential clients is one thing; getting your work onto their radar is another. You may have helped them put a name to your face, but making sure to give them access to your media kit helps them connect the lines between you and a blog you’re taking seriously. You want to be as memorable as you can in all aspects; real life and online.

2. Shows you mean business

Exchanging business cards with potential clients shows you are keen as a blogger; taking the extra step to send along your media kit with an email thanking them for their time shows you are keen to collaborate. Too often blogs are seen as billboards or other dimensionless advertising platforms. Having built a media kit shows you know your blog’s worth, brand image, and how to run it like a business.

3. Demonstrates your capabilities

Once a potential client finds themselves scrolling through your media kit, they’ll know exactly what you and your blog are about in a matter of minutes. Without having to leave the page, they’ll know details about your aesthetic, following, writing style, and more. They may realize they already have the perfect project for you, or at the very least remember you for relevant campaigns in the future.

4. Makes you easy to contact

Building on our first and last points, your media kit makes you easy to reach again in the future. However, unlike a cold email or a business card stuffed in the bottom of a handbag, your media kit has already put your brand image into a neat little package, perfect for transitioning into back and forth communication.

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