Get Paid to Blog: Self-Branded Products and Services

There are many ways to monetize a blog. The first few steps after launching a website and social media accounts are crucial for building a profitable business. After getting into the swing of things, ads, affiliate marketing, and branded campaigns are go-to options to getting paid for your efforts. This final instalment of our Get Paid to Blog series covers a monetization method that many influencers have seamlessly transitioned into: self-branded products and services.

No matter what your blog covers, or what type of influencer you are, there are endless opportunities to sell straight to your audience. You just have to be creative about what you’re peddling based on your interests and skills. Here are a few examples of products and services you can offer to your fans and followers — keep in mind that there really is no limit!


Consulting is a popular way to earn from your traffic and expertise. Plenty of influencers receive requests for advice and insight regarding blogging as a business or topics in their particular field. Why not charge $20-80+ per hour for your feedback via a real-life meeting, phone or Skype call? Your knowledge is valuable and has the potential to help a client out!


Tying back to the rationale behind consulting, you can offer the same useful information to a slew of your audience members (as opposed to just one) through planned and paid webinars. Live Streaming websites like uStream and LiveStream can help facilitate this, and are complete with live chat components so you can easily interact with your viewers. Be sure to advertise what topics you’ll be discussing; for maximum optimization, split those topics into separate webinars and market them as a series!


If you’re passionate about the writing side of blog endeavours, write an eBook! It’s a great way to sell a unique product in your particular niche. There are many self-publishing opportunities available, so you can even partner with major retailers like Amazon Kindle directly on your site.


It’s one thing to be approached by a company who wants you to host their branded event — it’s another thing to throw the event yourself. Whether you put together a panel or a party, promote like crazy and charge tickets in advance/at the doors.

Online Shop

Last but certainly not least, open an online shop connected to your blog! Top bloggers like Fashion Toast’s Rumi Neely, Love Aesthetics’ Ivania Carpio and The Haute Pursuit’s Vanessa Hong have all veered into selling real-life merchandise — and they’re reaping in tons of profit! There are so many routes you can take this, but you can choose to sell products you made/branded yourself, products you have exclusive rights for by brands you’ve partnered with, digital products like art prints or custom coded themes… the list goes on and on!

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