Get Paid to Blog: Branded Campaigns

Monetizing a blog is not an easy feat; there are many steps you must take before you’re able to do so. Learning the ropes of your industry, creating killer content, engaging with your audience, and slowly but surely building a cohesive brand/voice to package into a media kit are all essential to landing paid gigs. Once you’ve developed your blog and synced social media accounts (and taken a look at the second instalment of Get Paid to Blog), it’s time to pursue the most popular way to earn money as a influencer: through multidimensional, branded campaigns.

Executing a branded campaign is relatively simple. All you have to do is produce the content while adhering to the pre-approved campaign guidelines. The real challenge is landing and negotiating the campaign. Here are our tips to pursuing paid collaborations with brands, whether they’ve reached out to you or you’re approaching them:

Come up with an original idea

Unless a brand requests your participation in a pre-planned campaign, the first step is ideation. Think of a content package you would like to produce that spans a number of platforms — your website and social media channels as well as their website and social media channels. It’s also worth it to familiarize yourself with trends in influencer marketing (like live streaming), so you can come up with an up-to-the-minute campaign idea. Only then should you brainstorm who to pitch it to, as you’ll have a clearer idea of the brands who’d be a good fit. Strategize how this content will tie in with theirs; and create a proposal they simply can’t resist.

Include your media kit

You should attach your media kit to every introductory or collaboration request email. It’s a summary of your brand illustrated with images depicting your aesthetic. A media kit is extremely important in representing yourself professionally. Be sure that it’s updated before you send it off!

Find the right contact

Like many industries, blogging is sometimes about who you know. Once you figure out which companies to target, use a direct contact or personal connection to introduce yourself. If this isn’t available to you, take a look-see through your followers list to find brands that are already a fan of your blog — chances are, they’ll be delighted that you reached out! Start by giving them the low-down on your blog, and ask if they’re open to collaborating. Once they’ve replied, you can start negotiating a campaign!

Negotiate what you’re worth

One of the biggest hurdles for influencers is getting paid fairly for the work they produce. Unfortunately, there are still many brands that don’t put much budget towards this new form of advertising, and may instead compensate influencers with free product or services. Depending on their value, free product or services may be enough, though most of the time it is not.

Once you’re ready to negotiate a fair number for your campaign, take in to account the brand’s budget (if they disclose it) and what you’re actually willing to accept. Numbers will vary based on your following, experience, and type of content pieces, so it’s important to do your research. If they push back with something higher or lower than you expected, you can always adjust the amount of work you offer to them. Remember to never sell yourself short, but remain competitive with your rate until you’ve grown enough to charge what you please.

Always remain authentic

Finally, stay true to your own brand and voice! It’s extremely important to remain authentic despite being paid to post — the whole reason you should be working with any company is because the collaboration is a fit for both audiences.

Did we miss anything? Need more information? Let us know in the comments section below, or shoot us an email at!

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  1. Glitter On A Dime

    Thanks for sharing this! I just started blogging last month and am trying to learn everything I can about it.


  2. Great information, thank you


  3. Such great tips! I still need to work on my media kit, but this is a great reminder to finish it up soon.

    xo, Elizabeth //


  4. Great information, thanks


  5. These are some really great tips. Even as a new blogger I always wondered at the back of my mind how much I should put together a media kit and how to go about charging in the event I’m approached to do sponsored content. Very useful. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Penniless Prairie Girl

    This is a super helpful post as I have been looking to work with more brands. I love the comment about staying authentic. I am sure that gets hard to do when you get swept up in the excitement of being contacted by a brand that wants to work with you.


  7. Would love to hear more! What are your thoughts about e-commerce on your own website? xo, Suzanne


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