Live Streaming will be huge for marketers

It’s no secret that Live Streaming is about to shake up the social media marketing game, if it hasn’t already. Though hardly a new concept, broadcasting in real time has largely improved due to technology’s growth over the years, namely mobile, camera quality, and broadband speeds. Since Twitter’s acquisition of Periscope in 2015, other social networks – including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram – have been carefully integrating live streaming capabilities over the last year. This has inspired a new wave of opportunities for marketers — especially those working with influencers.

According to Business Insider, brands are “increasingly using live streaming to reach audiences… and advertising dollars are likely to follow.” Considering the heavy impact social media stars have on influencing consumer purchase decisions due to an authenticity lacking in traditional forms of advertising, there is no doubt the future is headed in an even more raw and personal direction.

Celebrities and influencers with large followings are important players for brands to invest in, as sheer volumes of people tune in to watch them. However, micro-influencers are shown to receive higher rates of engagement — especially with live streams. This isn’t just because they’re more relatable to the masses, but their viewership is manageable enough that they’re able to connect with live stream viewers on a personal level using the in-app chat box component. It’s also worth it to note that branded live streams may exist on either the brand or the influencer’s channel. At the end of the day, the who and where depends on the brand’s goals.

Here are some ways to integrate social media influence and live streaming to optimize a brand’s marketing spend:

Influencers engaging with a brand’s product in a tutorial or DIY format is a great way to show its capabilities in tandem with the influencer’s personality.
Example: Beauty Youtubers live streaming themselves getting ready for a night out, using branded makeup

Influencers directly discussing the qualities of a product or service puts all attention on the brand.
Example: Travel bloggers live streaming “room tours” and reviews of destination hotels

Product Placement
Influencers broadcasting as they normally would, but including a product in the frame, is a passive – yet much more organic – way to integrate a brand.
Example: Fashion Instagrammers live streaming wearing branded outfits

Sponsored Streams
Influencers sponsored to broadcast as they normally would, for a pre-determined period of time, is an organic way to tie a brand to a personality without interfering with the latter’s daily activities.
Example: Television personalities live streaming their typical “day in the life”

Sidebuy has the capabilities and resources to build multifaceted live streaming campaigns like the above. To discuss opportunities, contact us at

Header photo by @stephaniecamcam

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