New Year’s Resolutions for Influencers in 2017

For many, the holidays are a time for personal reflection and the first of January acts as a reset button; whether through mindset or action, the new year jump starts change. For bloggers and influencers, change is imperative to digital growth, especially since technology and social media progresses so rapidly these days!

If you want to refresh or amplify your online brand this year, look no further than this post. Here are our must-do New Year’s resolutions for influencers in 2017.

Reinvent Yourself

The end of the year is a great time to look back on how you did in 2016. Which projects did you enjoy the most? What brands did you collaborate well with? What types of content had the highest impressions? The highest engagement? Use these cues to hash out what works for you and what doesn’t, and go into 2017 with a more acute understanding of where you’d like to take your blog and social media platforms.

For some, this may mean a complete revamp! Invest in a new logo, cleaner layout or photo equipment if you have to. This will help your brand be memorable and stay relevant in the long run.

If a total overhaul isn’t part of your plan, there’s always room to improve how you represent yourself to clients and publications. Brush up on email etiquette, update your media kit, and refresh your Sidebuy profile.

Regulate Your Content

One of the best practices for bloggers is to remain consistent in both quality and quantity. Going forward, stay true to your brand’s look and feel. Be selective with who you collaborate with, as readers can spot an ill fit and ingenuity from a mile away. If you haven’t completely figured out your direction, that’s okay too! Push for a variety of types of content and a mixed aesthetic so you can discover what works best for you and your audience.

Set a goal for how much content you want to create per week or month — and stick to it. A steady posting schedule keeps you inspired and your readers keen. There’s no standard aside from the one you set depending on your capabilities; every demographic is different but keep in mind that too few or frequent can leave your audience bored or exasperated. To keep you on track time-wise, build a content calendar with all your commitments.

Keep Up With Trends

In order to avoid falling behind when the next big thing hits the vast majority, stay on top of what’s trendy. We don’t just mean keeping up with the runway if you’re a fashion blogger or food trends if you post recipes. Follow what’s going on in the digital sphere.

According to Forbes, live streaming (via Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Instagram Live), virtual reality, email newsletters, storytelling, interactivity, and longer format posts will continue to grow in popularity this year, so it may be worth it to jump on these bandwagons if you haven’t already.

Constantly Evaluate

Take some time at the end of each week or month to go back and see how all of your posts did. Track growth through key performance indicators like impressions and engagement. Make sure you have Google Analytics installed to your website, so you can get accurate and comprehensive data over periods of time. Many social media platforms now have analytics or insights built into them – including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – so it’s easy to track your performance.

From there, make adjustments based on your analysis. If you notice beauty posts interest your readers, expand your beauty section. If cool-toned photographs get more likes than those of warm tones, concentrate on those. If your blog post views spike when you use certain terms, build your content around them. There are endless opportunities to grow, and analyzing your strengths (and weaknesses) is quintessential to learning what they are.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments section below!

Header image by @hobbylobby

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