Last-Minute (and Content-Rich!) New Year’s Eve Ideas

New Year’s Eve is a tricky beast to tame — expectations are high as the night closes one long year and rings in a fresh one. There are dozens of ways to celebrate; tickets to the biggest events are pricey and often sell through weeks before the 31st rolls around. As an influencer, your audience’s eyes are on you for fun things to do and create, so make it worth their while! If you’re in a bind for something to do, here are our last-minute New Year’s Eve ideas, filled to the brim with opportunities for content creation.

Host a party
Host your own themed party for your other plan-less friends! Invite them over for a masquerade “ball,” white party or decade-themed get-together. Throw in a few colourful cocktails (like the ones on this list at Gimme Some Oven) and indoor sparklers — and you’ve got yourself a photo-worthy event right in your own home.

Bar hop with your friends
Going out on New Year’s Eve isn’t for the faint of heart — be prepared for lines and crowds! If a big, fancy night isn’t for you, get dressed to the nines and hop over to your favourite bar(s) for when the clock strikes twelve. Or, spend the evening at a bizarre – but totally camera-ready venue – like Dave & Buster’s. Don’t forget to bring a Fujifilm Instax or disposable camera with you!

Partake in an Unconventional Activity
There are many venues open for business on New Year’s Eve for those looking to partake in an unconventional activity. Skating, bowling and mini golf are just some of these regular-pastimes-turned-wild. Oftentimes, they’ll be lit up with neon lights for the holidays! Once again, be sure to bring a camera with you.

Stay in and document it
Last but not least — just stay in! As an influencer, you’ve got everything you need to stay entertained at home (with wifi). Plenty of people do it to avoid the chaos of going out on New Year’s Eve. Use the time to shoot a new makeup tutorial, plan for the new year or DIY something ambitious. Plus, you can utilize Instagram Live to keep your fellow homebodies entertained while you’re at it!

What are you up to this New Year’s Eve?

Header image by @karinbohn

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