CAFA, OMERS and Sidebuy teamed up to present Tech Talk: Vancouver Edition

With digital marketing growing exponentially, it is imperative retailers and bloggers alike stay on top of their technology game. Last month, Sidebuy teamed up with the Canadian Fashion Awards (CAFA) and OMERS Ventures to present Tech Talk’s Vancouver Edition: a luncheon and panel discussion on current trends and the future of digital commerce.

Featuring a slew of notable names from tech and retail – including representatives from Shopify, Kit & Ace, Indochino and more – the afternoon was brimming with valuable insight into today’s rapidly evolving consumer landscape. The diverse crowd consisted of eager entrepreneurs from all industries ranging from fashion to marketing.

One heavily discussed topic was the enormous impact of influencer marketing. It’s proven that advertising with bloggers and other online personalities has the potential to reach a larger, more relevant audience than traditional methods. Influencers are effectively bridging the gap between online and offline, and will continue to be an integral part of retail’s future; the panel at the CAFA Tech Talk furthermore stated that “omnichannel experiences are what consumers need, and digital platforms must seamless offer them.”

See below for photos of the event. For more industry events and networking opportunities, be sure to follow Sidebuy’s email newsletter by signing up in the column to the right!

CAFA’s President Vicky Milner presents opening remarks

Sidebuy’s CEO Mona Akhavi takes the stage

Sidebuy’s CMO Dragos Ilinca seated with panelists and guests

Panelists Qasim Mohammad (OMERS Ventures), Vicky Milner, Angela Tran (Version One) and Bram Sugarman (Shopify)

CAFA’s Vicky Milner and Brittney Kuczynski

Mona Akhavi seated with panelist and guests

Katya Pinkowski (0&1 Media) and Mona Akhavi; Mona Akhavi, JJ Wilson (Kit & Ace) and Sarah Bundy (All Inclusive Marketing)

The Tech Panel: Qasim Mohammad, Angela Tran, Anthony Nicalo (Mobify), Christopher Krywulak (iQmetrix) and Bram Sugarman

The Retail Panel: JJ Wilson, Qasim Mohammad, Arash Fasihi (Cymax), Kalle Radage (Payfirma) and Drew Green (Indochino)

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