4 Tips To Pitch to Brand & Make Money on Your Blog

One of the most popular and exhausted questions asked by aspiring bloggers is how to get brands to pay for posts. The hard truth? You have to pay your dues by putting in your time and effort to create exceptional content. You also have to learn how to market yourself to brands. It truly is a lot of work, but if you’re persistent, it can become a full time gig. Here are our tips to monetizing your blog:

1) Pay Your Dues

The first few steps in working towards monetizing your blog is putting in lots of time and effort, gaining essential skills and learning to create content you’re truly proud of. As with most careers, you have to start from the bottom, whether it be an internship or learning basic work principles working in a coffee shop. You can then put together a portfolio of past work, including posts on your own blog, guest blog posts, collaborations, photography or best of all, all of the above. Good things take time. Nurturing your skills not only makes you more reputable, but makes your life a little easier because you’ll know how to tackle blogging more efficiently.

2) Content is King

The importance of phenomenally curated content cannot be expressed enough. No, state of the art photography equipment is not necessary, but well thought-out, clear and creative imagery is important. Stay on brand, maybe pick a theme, make sure your content flows and stay true to your personality.

Writing skills are also very important; in the blogosphere, it often becomes an after thought as many posts tend to focus on visuals. But, the truth is it’s equally important. Copy is how you keep your reader engaged, how you create a call to action and often how you express your main message. Brands value what you can produce visually, but if you can couple that with meaningful words, you’ll be on top of your game.

3) Engagement, Engagement, Engagement

Engagement — it’s the trendiest of words in the influencer world at the moment… and for good reason. We just talked about keeping your reader engaged through the visual and writing aspects of your posts, now let’s take that to the next level. Start communicating with your readers personally. Respond and let them know you’ve read their comments; it shows you value their opinion and time. This is not only going to make them feel appreciated but it’s going to create a connection that can keep them coming back. Doing this creates relationships with your current readers and encourages others to comment too. Trust us, brands will notice; they know how important genuine connections are.

4) Create a Media Kit

Once you’ve got the above down, you will need a media kit. It’s how you’ll convince brands that you’re where their advertising dollars should be invested. Media kits aren’t just about flaunting your numbers (although they are definitely important), it’s about showcasing your value. That is the magic of a good media kit — it is a well-rounded elevator pitch of all your capabilities. A media kit will assist you in working with brands that fit, and weed out those that don’t — an important part of remaining authentic and true to your own brand. Read up on the 5 most important things to include in your media kit here.


Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

Header imagine by @meghanyuriyoung


  1. I cannot agree more that blogging is extremely time consuming to the point of exhaustion. But the really passionate people who blog are most of the time successful. Whereas someone who just gives up because it’s too tiring will ultimately fail. Besides running a blog, it’s also great to have a backup money making method. Personally I use this money making method and save the money just in-case something goes out of my expectations. https://goo.gl/27SlU3
    If you’re interested, there you go. Thanks for the article though, very intriguing!


  2. I am lucky enough to call blogging and YouTubing my full time job and I think part of it has to do with how I pitch brands! 🙂


  3. mystyle5

    Great article, lots of vital information in here. And I agree, blogging takes up so much of your time, but if you truly love it, results do show.


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