3 Steps to Optimizing Your Blog Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is quintessential to a blog — it’s easily one of the most powerful tools for monitoring and analyzing your traffic, not to mention a key component in monetizing your website. There are a multitude of other analytics services out there, but none are quite as comprehensive; Google has access to massive data pools from their search engine and beyond.

But what does this mean for you as a digital influencer? Aside from linking AdSense to your platform, there are less obvious opportunities to increase your website’s traffic and revenue.

Here are 3 steps to optimizing your blog with the help of Google Analytics. 

1. Find your audience

Google Analytics gives you endless information about your audience. Demographics like gender, age, and location show exactly who’s visiting you and who’s coming back for more. It even provides details about your readers’ activity, including what keywords they’re searching and how long they spend on your website before they get bored. Knowing your audience is fundamental to maintaining – and discovering new opportunities for – connection.

2. Be strategic with your content

After getting to know your audience and truly analyzing who they are and what they’re up to, be strategic with your content. Publish posts that nurture your returning visitors as well as posts that pique the interest of new ones. For example, if you have a fashion blog where you document your bold personal style, you should continue to publish your unique outfits — but mix in some evergreen content by building looks around classics and using titles like “How to Wear Dr. Martens” or “Basics I Can’t Live Without.” This way, you’re meeting both your current and potential audiences’ needs without necessarily sacrificing what your blog is about.

Other ways to tweak your content based on your Google Analytics data include: catering to the interests of your demographic, re-using the key words people have searched to find you, emulating posts that have performed well in the past, and publishing based on your demographic’s timezones.

Your content may be awesome, but strategizing how and when it’s presented is a surefire way to boost clicks and time spent surfing your blog.

3. Package it all up in a media kit

A media kit is a document containing information about you, your social media platforms, and/or your blog. It can be uploaded to your website or sent in an email to whomever you see fit. Most media kits are in PDF format, but some exist as live web pages.

If you’re looking to monetize your work through brand sponsorships or drive relevant traffic through features, potential clients and media outlets will want to see the most significant – and most up-to-date – pieces of data pulled from your Google Analytics. Brands are more inclined to align with influencers whose demographics match theirs, and whose impressions can be proved with numbers. Plus, if you’ve already curated your content to said demographics, you already have samples that exhibit your blog’s capabilities.

When coupled with visuals that represent your aesthetic, words that tell your story, and a clean layout that gets your message across hassle-free, your blog will be seen on a level of legitimacy and professionalism by clients and readers alike.

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Header image by @bambilina


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  2. heybeccablog

    Thanks for this post! I review google analytics on a regular basis but really have no clue what I’m looking at and why. Thanks for this!


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    I am currently using blogger I wonder if I can get google analytics to track my process! Thanks for helpful tips.


  4. I am currently using blogger as my platform, I wonder if I can get google analytics?! Thanks for the tips!!!


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