Glacier Media Announces Sidebuy as Their Influencer Marketing & Social Amplification Arm

Vancouver, BC– (Nov 3rd, 2016) Glacier Media partners with Sidebuy, a Vancouver-based influencer marketing technology platform & agency for the management of their influencer marketing campaigns.

The partnership allows Glacier Media to provide its clients with a database of over 10,000 influential content creators within North America reaching over 800 million readers, and a campaign management & monitoring dashboard. With Sidebuy’s data-driven technology, Glacier will be able to boost their clients’ campaigns by matching them with the most relevant bloggers and social media influencers who will create authentic and engaging content on their blog and social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram & Pinterest. With Sidebuy’s analytics & tracking, Glacier clients will be equipped with more in-depth performance reports including ROI & engagement metrics to ensure the effectiveness of each campaign.

Audiences look to social influencers for recommendations.

60% of online users purchased something after reading about it on a blog. (McKinsey 2015)

“We are seeing a significant increase in the demand for influencer marketing campaigns from advertisers as social content is a new channel to drive traffic and conversions for brands. We’re excited to see how our partnership will help us provide a more effective and transparent influencer marketing and social advertising for ur brands” mentioned Alvin Brouwer, President of Glacier Digital.

Word-of-Mouth and authentic reviews are one of the most effective forms of advertising and promotion. Meanwhile Bloggers have loyal followers and audiences than can become loyal customers. Businesses need to reach audiences through social media channels now more than ever.

“Influencer marketing is about empowering transparent and authentic advertising through the voice of the ultimate consumer. Influencer marketing nurtures a two-way and mutually beneficial relationship between the brands and consumers which is often absent in the conventional channels of advertising” says Mona Akhavi. By leveraging the power of influencers, brands can turn prospects into loyal brand advocates, and consumers, on the other hand, can get access to a trustworthy source of information. Mona Adds: “Nowadays, the digital-savvy consumer actively seeks or in other words “pulls” information from trusted sources such as peers or online review sites, instead of relying on brand-created content and ads. As a result, influencer marketing is more and more becoming an essential channel for brands to bridge the gap between authentic content and paid media”.

From strategy to execution, Glacier Media’s clients will be supported by a dedicated team of influencer marketing experts who have created successful campaigns for a wide array of clients, including local and national brands such as Cymax, Fine Finds, Revolve and Holt Renfrew. Glacier Media will also have access to Sidebuy’s proprietary technology platform which connects brands to influencers and empowers the transparent management of influencer marketing campaigns. Sidebuy’s intelligent filters allow Glacier Media to sift through a database of opted-in bloggers and social media influencers based on relevant data points to help them pinpoint those who have access to their micro audience segments. The analytics & reporting of the performance metrics will also allow for the optimization of each campaign.

“We’re excited to partner up with Glacier Media’s team, as together we can accelerate in providing highly relevant content created by influencers and amplifying that to engaged audiences on social media. We believe influencers are a new media channel that can drive value for advertisers,” says Mona Akhavi, CEO & Founder of Sidebuy.

About Sidebuy:

Sidebuy is an online platform that intelligently connects brands with influencers to reach relevant and engaged audiences. Sidebuy’s intelligent filters allow brands and marketers to sift through a database of over 10,000 bloggers across 150 cities in North America controlling a reach of 800 million followers, based on relevant data points to help them pinpoint the most relevant influencers. With Sidebuy, brands can also manage collaborations, from identification of best talent and communications to performance tracking and payment, on one dashboard.

For more information on how Sidebuy can help you with you with your influencer collaborations, please visit

About Glacier Media:

Glacier Media Inc. is a Canadian publicly owned publisher of daily newspapers in British Columbia and weekly newspapers, trade magazines and business information products throughout Western Canada. It is headquartered in Vancouver.

For more information visit

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