Sidebuy’s Top 10 LA Bloggers

When others imagine Los Angeles, they think Hollywood stars, entertainment, music, and double-digit temperatures. In Sidebuy, we see bloggers who are stars in our eyes and the multiple number of followers with whom they’ve built relationships. Being the most populated city in the state of California, it was only a matter of time that we turned our attention to the wild west. These bloggers curate multiple posts on various avenues who have served thousands of people authentic, yet engaging information, which is why they have made it to our top 10 LA influencers.

10) The LA Native. Naz Ramezani created The LA Native to share her fondness for all things vintage; from clothing to miscellaneous knick-knack finds. Mix that with her photographic preference of the natural scenery that LA provides conjures a Free-People and well-spirited aesthetic on her Instagram. If Pocahontas were non-fictional, Naz Ramezani would take the spot.

The LA Native

The LA Native


9) Evelyn Madera. This active blogger addresses numerous topics such as fashion, beauty (products), lifestyle, and even set-up a “Shop My” page, which her 80k+ followers appreciate. Her friendly personality and sense of humour (by saying her boyfriend bumped down to 2nd place after her wrap-skirt took 1st) makes viewing a breeze and entertaining for anyone who stumbles upon her social media.


Posh Scene


8) Jenna Colgrove. Jenna’s creative outlet called Visions of Vogue during her period of working in the finance industry slowly became her passion. Her dreams of numbers and Excel spreadsheets slowly turned into style, along with beauty and travel. Although Excel proves to be of significance to anyone in business, who said work needs to be boring? She enjoys mixing high-fashion and fast-fashion to stay on trend, be cost effective, and create unique looks that differ from the rest.


Visions of Vogue


7) Anne Sage. Brace yourself. Anne has a haul of credibilities under her belt which has helped to place her mark on the digital & media industry, and then some. Blogging since 2008, she has acquired assets such as consumer strategist in Manhattan, Co-founded Rue Magazine, released her first book called “Sage Living”, and of course a full-time content creator. We wouldn’t doubt her resume was three pages long focused on fashion, interiors, and entertainments.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 12.05.45 PM

Anne Sage


6) Racquel Natasha. This black-haired bombshell makes life look so luxuriously easy, which is what others crave to see. Mrs. Natasha’s Instagram dedicates to her 80k+ eager followers. Her social media covers fashion and lifestyle; both of which are classy, feminine, and modelesque. Our favorite post by Racquel was her trip to San Francisco acting as a brand ambassador for retailer BeBe, who sent her along with other influencers to the bay area.

Photo Apr 18, 11 18 00 AM

Racquel Natasha

5) LoveOlia. Olia is a proud half – Persian, half – French influencer who speaks both languages fluently, and blogs about style & beauty. With her mother’s occupation as an esthetician, Olia made a career change from her two years of working in finance to get the license of her own to follow her mother’s footsteps. Her ability to dress fashionably along with her extensive knowledge of beauty, it was about time to start blogging taking into consideration of the many questions people requested.


Love Olia


4) Ministyle Blog. One word to describe ministyle – adorable. With pictures of soft textures and babies in numerous outfits, it’s hard not to imagine yourself squishing those tiny toes. Their motto “to CREATE, to SHARE, to INSPIRE” creates content focused on parents who need a little boost in fresh ideas and fun activities for you and your ‘mini(s)’. Aside from fashion and lifestyle, they also provide joy in parenting. They can help reassure you that being a parent doesn’t limit your vocabulary to “you’re grounded.”

download (1)

Mini Style Blog


3) Irene Sarah. “A Jill of all trades” as she calls herself, and we don’t doubt it. Her knowledge in photography accompanied by her natural good looks, interest in beauty, and her love for travelling makes any girl (or Jack) swoon over Irene. The ethnic Bengali radiates from her sense of style and cosmetic combination, giving us and others a longer lasting impression of herself. This beauty posts great hair/makeup tutorials on her youtube channel, attaining over 200k loyal subscribers.


Irene Sarah


2) Inspired By This. Co-Founder Leila Lewis created the blog for the most part, on behalf of ladies who are about to (or looking into) pre-wedding, wedding day, and post-wedding anything. Anything meaning fashion, honeymoon trips, maternity, home decor, and DIY events. They “bring beautiful content to readers at every stage of life” which drives a broad range of viewers to their site. Not to mention the invigorating photography & content that one could get lost in awe. Of course, Leila couldn’t have done it without the help of Ally Streelman (Associate Editor), Ashley Stephens/Alex Meyers/Meagan Bingham (Regular Contributors).

Inspired By This

Inspired By This


  1. Diana Marks. This successful online entrepreneur and well-known digital figure graduated with a Bachelors in Business from the London School of Economics. Diana’s heavy following of 900k on Facebook allows her and her supporters to have a more direct interaction. Her Belarus-born native background and bilingual tongue (Russian and English) has been a powerhouse in the social media trade. Diana’s versatile looks (on Lux Affair) and contents on cars and hotels shows she’s not limited to one area of an industry.
LA By Diana

LA By Diana


At the end of all the commotion and extra noise on social media, what continues to drive these bloggers is their audience. Creativity and connection from the brand’s campaign to the influencers content turns idle-audiences into active-audiences. To create genuine posts, the influencer must be just as passionate about the brand (and) service he/she is advocating. I imagine, being in Los Angeles, the people of the city are waiting for a new, bold star to spark up the limelight.

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