Sidebuy’s Top Toronto Fashion Bloggers

The fourth largest city in North America, and largest in Canada, Toronto is home to many amazing influencers that reach to a large number of followers. It’s a global center for business, finance, arts, and culture. Today we look at Sidebuy’s top fashion influencers who have helped us with significant, yet interesting up-to-date articles and are inspiring us every day.

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Carolyna Bauer

14) Carolyna Bauer: Born and raised in Spain, this Toronto-based fashionista has been featured in Dreamingless London Magazine and Krowd Vibe Magazine. Aside from Carolyna’s motto: “Inspire you to look beautiful every day and always on budget”, her city-chic style with a touch of glam taps into her characteristics. Her crisp yet natural photography, with her content that shows her personality, makes Carolyna stand out from the crowd. 


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Marta Tryshak

13) Marta Tryshak. “Where fabulous meets everyday” With Love Gabrielle was named in homage to the iconic Gabrielle Coco Chanel herself. Marta’s inspirational aesthetics comes from Chanel’s simplistic yet sophisticated look on all things. Her website consists not only of fashion, lifestyle, travel, and beauty, but ‘girl problems’ as well, which we believe let’s women connect with this present day Chanel suitably.


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Kimberley Marquis

12) Kimberley Marquis. Kimberley’s friendly attitude and versatile fashion on her website The Chic Confidential caught our eye immediately. She fabricates many things women love to see such as fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle; hers in particular. Her open-minded perspective and urban & feminine style make her easily approachable to those that want to inspire her, as well as her inspiring others.


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Julio Reyes

11) Julio Reyes. One of Canada’s top fashion & lifestyle blog: Fashionights, has been the go-to site for those to keep abreast new product launches, runway reviews, and current trends in Toronto’s area, along with the global scale of things. Julio’s 9-year experience in the industry began Fashionights in 2010 and has adapted & evolved with the ever-changing industry that is fashion.


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Jesse Hazen

10)  Jesse Hazen. Toronto’s own walking/talking ‘Vogue’ magazine, Jesse Hazen focuses on the entertainment industry. Celebrities, fashion, music, and beauty are some of the commodities found on his blog & YouTube channel. His flamboyant energy and past work with Canadian Music Week, NXNE, and Interior Design Shows tell us he’s not stopping anytime soon.


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Sumbal Chaudhry

9)  Sumbal Chaudhry. This beauty is wrapping it up for the final homestretch for her Political Science & Sociology degree in the University of Toronto. Her minimalistic photographs, glamorous sense of style, with pops of color creates an addicting contrast to the eyes. In addition, her knack of trying new things and exploring with it makes her a refined individual.


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Kastor & Pollux

8) Kastor & Pollux (Dani Roche). Founded in 2011, Owner/Director of Kastor & Pollux is the multi-media savvy tech Dani Roche. She started the full-service digital and experience agency with a desire to create & develop the talents & capabilities of those interested within the field. Aside from the service they provide, Kastor & Pollux covers the latest in fashion, beauty, art + design, culture, and technology, which is conveyed in their social media.  Is there anything these guys can’t do?


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Nathalie Martin

7) Nathalie Martin. Nathalie started Woahstyle in 2014 and has quickly risen since, making her one of the most influential Toronto bloggers on Sidebuy. Her picture-perfect pictures are exactly that, and go hand-in-hand with her casual, yet luxurious sense of style. Aside from fashion, she also gives the scoop on travel, lifestyle, and cuisine.


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Chantal Li

6) Chantal Li. This talented fashion blogger, stylist, and photographer not only curates posts in her signature monochromatic/minimalistic styles, she is also the founder & buyer of her online shop, ShopTheFreeIsland. Her perceptive vision in her photography with her sophisticated style display a pleasing artwork in her social media platforms.


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Ania B

5)  Ania Boniecka. Model, photographer, artist, blogger, and wife to Tyler Stalman. The pair has been offering photo, video, and design services on the side. Her enormous past works with H&M, Topshop, BCBG Max Azria, and current brand ambassador for Joe Fresh are just to name a few. The skills she provides along with her keen eye for beauty and art reflect perfectly in her work. 


Roxanne West

Roxanne West

4) Roxanne West. She isn’t just any regular mom; she’s a French-Canadian lifestyle blogger for Bonjour Bliss. Fresh cut flowers, coffee, and anything DIY is her kryptonite. Baking warm pastries for her sweethearts & husband makes her feel like she’s our mother too. Roxanne’s welcoming photographs and cheerful attitude builds an irresistible relationship. 


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Cher Bai

3) Cher Bai. Cher My Closet was created by, you guessed it. Cher! This Toronto-based beauty claims herself to be a “minimal/feminine/cool/chic” and we can hardly deny that. Aside from the true testaments of herself and her style, she enjoys curating posts of her products, travel, cuisine, and obscure objects that one might not see as beautiful.


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Laurie Ferraro

2)  Laurie Ferraro. Founder & Editor of The Rue Collective, Laurie’s sense of fashion and photographic ambience instantly caught our attention. Her site is easy to navigate and enables readers to dissect her information efficiently. Laurie’s natural light-hearted looks and urban style sends you the warmest regards anyone could give.


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Krystin Lee

1) Krystin Lee. Lifestyle blogger of Suburban Faux-Pas, Krystin’s city-chic style and attitude never left her when she and her boyfriend moved to the ‘burbs’, as she calls it. Her source of creative outlet is on her social media, which portrays pastel flowers, femininity, and a luxurious feel. Marie-Antoinette would be proud of her.

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Written by: Tyron Calaquian

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