Metabridge: Canada’s One and Only Exclusive Lakeside Tech Retreat

Canada’s only exclusive tech retreat, Metabridge is once again bringing together VIP advisors and investors from Silicon Valley and beyond, along with fifteen of the top tech startups for a 2-day pitch competition.

Taking place at a lakeside resort in Kelowna, Metabridge hand picks 15 of the most innovative and high-quality companies in the tech industry out of hundreds of applicants and provides them with an opportunity to connect with and pitch to the leading companies and venture capital firms, including Google, AngelList, and Trinity Ventures. Powered by Accelerate Okanagan, Metabridge is a non-profit coming back for the 8th year to energize Canada’s tech industry by providing support to the brightest and most cutting-edge startups and connecting them to Silicon Valley.

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A Retreat Filled with Opportunities, An Investor’s Paradise

Famous for its spectacular vineyards, orchards, and lakes, Kelowna is the perfect getaway in the Okanagan Valley. From biking on the scenic mountains to going on wine tours, Kelowna is a great spot for investors and mentors to unwind and at the same time to really get to know the founders.

Metabridge provides investors and VCs with the opportunity to personally connect with the pitchers in a small and intimate setting. With a vigorous screening process in place to select the top 15 startups out of hundreds of applicants from all around Canada, investors can be certain they are only exposed to the finest. Paul Singh, one of the keynote investors and speakers at Metabridge and the founder of 1776, mentioned: “Metabridge makes it easy for me as an investor to justify coming to Kelowna for 2 days as I am not just dealing with every founder, I’m getting pitched by the Top 15.”

Among the previous Metabridge finalists, Victoria-based educational technology platform, Mediacore, was named as one of the top 10 innovative companies in digital media, next to Youtube and Vimeo. Another great startup that made it to the final at Metabridge in the previous years is SqueezeCMM, an analytics platform measuring content marketing efforts, that was acquired by the Digital Journal Group in 2015 and has managed to secure leading clients including hp, DELL, and SAP.

After the acquisition of Club Penguin Inc. in 2007 by The Walt Disney Co. for $350 Million, Kelowna proved that world-class companies can flourish and thrive outside of Vancouver. Successful companies, such as Immersive Media. also raised the profile of Kelowna in the tech sector. Metabridge is an unrivaled retreat that puts Kelowna on the map and is attracting top venture capitalists and investors from the Bay area.

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Founders: The Stars of the Show

What sets this networking event apart is the focus on the quality of the people rather than quantity to ensure all attendees are getting the most out of the Program. Metabridge welcomes under 100 invite-only guests every year and with a smaller audience size and the type of planned activities, founders and investors have an unrivaled one-on-one opportunity to get to know each other and share their ideas during two days rather than through a 60-minute pitch. The attention to quality at Metabridge is evident not only in the list of the attendees and activities but also in the type of startups that are carefully curated. As Sehra Bremner, Executive Director of Metabridge, put it: “The founders are the stars of the show.” Metabridge is not for pre-seed companies; it is intended for late seed or early series-A startups who can demonstrate traction and revenue. With some extra funding and support, these companies can move forward, take their business to the next level and get closer to a successful exit.

Supporting the Canadian technology ecosystem, Metabridge provides the unique foundation for the tech startups to connect and network with the leading companies, investors, and VCs and take advantage of mentorships, strategic partnerships, and investment opportunities. Also, investors coming to Kelowna from all around North America can be confident that they are pitched by the top carefully hand-picked companies instead of any pitchers.

Check out Metabrige’s website for tickets and more details!

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