BrainStation Influencer Marketing Lunch and Learn by Sidebuy’s CEO Mona Akhavi

Founded in 2012 in Toronto, BrainStation has been bringing together top industry leaders and avid learners and empowering the Canadian tech community through instructional courses, workshops, and networking opportunities.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with BrainStation Vancouver on May 10th as our CEO and founder, Mona Akhavi, shares her insight on influencer marketing and the best practices.

Brainstation empowers the next generation of innovators and creators through offering courses and workshops in the areas of technology, design, and business. With the competitive landscape of today’s job market, especially in the tech industry, it is essential for job seekers and even current employees to be equipped with the necessary digital skills. Brainstation offers hands-on training by leaders who know the ins and outs of the industry and have built successful businesses. These professional are in tune with the latest trends and technologies, and thus the courses are continuously adapted to reflect the most recent material to ensure students are leaving the programs with cutting edge skills. The flexible nature of the courses also allows for current employees who want to strengthen or update their digital skills to take advantage of BrainStation.

Jason Field, the founder of BrainStation, says: “Our workshops are for anyone and everyone. Every Canadian needs to understand the basics of web development and technology in order to compete in 2016 and onwards. It’s not necessarily about becoming a web developer, it’s about comprehending what’s possible and approaching digital problems with a new level of confidence and comprehension,”

Join us on May 10th at 12:00 PM to learn about how you can step up your digital marketing efforts by influencer marketing and collaborating with bloggers.





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