Sidebuy’s Partnership with Fashion Art Toronto (FAT)

Calling out all the fashionistas and art lovers in Toronto!

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Fashion Art Toronto (FAT) taking place on April 12th to 16th, 2016. To celebrate our partnership and to show our gratitude to our community of talented influencers, we are giving VIP tickets to all of the shows at FAT, which include VIP seating, a plus one, Complimentary drinks and backstage access for the whole week. Contact us for details.

This annual event returning for the 11th year, brings together fashion designers, artists, photographers, buyers, curators, and media to celebrate contemporary and innovative art and design. With over 50 runway shows and 200 artists and designers, FAT showcases emerging and established national and international talent who are innovating the fashion industry through cutting-edge and creative collections.

There will also be photography exhibitions, fashion films, sculptures, installations, and live performances exploring and interpreting the subject of fashion via various art forms and from different perspectives.

This year, the overall theme of the event is Dress Code, which delves into the role of fashion as an interpretation and construction of identity. The theme is broken down into five sub-themes over five nights that explore the role of fashion as a form of self-expression from cultural, religious, social, sexual, class, and financial angles.

Photos: Ann Lin & Sabrina ShenPerformance Concept & Art Direction: Vessna Perunovich

Photos: Ann Lin & Sabrina ShenPerformance Concept & Art Direction: Vessna Perunovich


Un DRESS (Tuesday 12th) will revolve around sexuality, fantasy, and the human’s body, especially its freedom and restrictions in fashion.

Gender WEAR (Wednesday 13th) will focus on the social and cultural standards and stereotypes around gender and the blurring lines facilitated by fashion trends and styles.

DRESS Accordingly (Thursday 14th) will reflect on the societal perspective of fashion by showcasing the work of designers and artists inspired by traditional clothing, costumes, and uniforms of people belonging to a particular group.

Counter CODE (Friday 15th) will be around the aversion and rebellion against the traditions and how avant-guard artists and designers are pushing the boundaries of mainstream fashion.

HAUTE Culture (Saturday 16th) will explore the luxury aspect of fashion that represents social status and nobility and is specific to an elite group of the society.

Click Here for More Information and Ticket Options.

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