A Digital Marketing Conference, Mountain Retreat Style

Whether you are a marketing professional or an eager student who wishes to learn, get inspired, and mingle with the masterminds of marketing, then the CIMC conference is for you!

Located in the mountainous city of Squamish, BC, this two-day event is coming back on April 14th and 15th for the second year and is the ultimate retreat for marketers to leave the hustle and bustle of the city life behind and discover the next marketing opportunities and trends. This year, twenty-two world-class industry experts from companies, including Google, Yahoo and Ebay, will be sharing best practices, stories, innovations, and more. Founded by digital marketing experts, Christian Thomson of Marwick Internet Marketing and Darian Kovacs of Jelly Marketing, CIMC was launched as a personal desire to learn from industry experts. The founders have managed to secure top-notch marketing experts from leading companies in just two years.

With the confirmed extraordinary line-up of presenters, the 2016 CIMC conference will be great mix of both learning and networking for all levels of marketing experience and knowledge.

We had the opportunity to interview Christian Thomson to give us more insights about the event and what to expect.

Sidebuy: As a first-timer to CIMC, what should you expect and do you have any tips for the attendees to get the most out of the conference?

Christian Thomson: Be prepared to take a lot of notes so bring a pen and paper or any note-taking tools that work for you. The presentations are jam-packed, and there are a lot of great tips and insights shared by the presenters that are valuable to record. Make sure you are well-rested as the days are packed with activities and great opportunities to network. To get the best out of the networkings, make sure you have your business card. Also, it is helpful to research the speakers before the presentations to get to know them and connect with them.

Sidebuy: Who should attend this conference and would benefit the most?

Christian Thomson: In general, anyone who is involved in marketing, regardless of their level of expertise or field, can take advantage of the event. Also, small to medium-size business owners who want to gain insights on the up and coming marketing channels will find the conference quite beneficial.

Sidebuy: Are there any particular themes or topics that will be discussed at CIMC this year?

Christian Thomson: You can expect to find great insights on the up and coming channels of marketing and next new opportunities for marketers. The industry experts will be sharing their take on where they think digital marketing is heading. From research, technology to social marketing, we will look at the direction of digital marketing from different angles.

Sidebuy: How did you manage to secure this great roster of world-class speakers?

Christian Thomson: It pretty much a lot of begging and harassment, to be honest, to get these industry leaders to attend and speak at CIMC (Christian replies while laughing). This is the second year, so we had a very clear vision of who we want to learn from based on our personal point of view. Our benchmark for choosing our speakers is to think who are the ultimate people that we would love to spend 45 minutes to pick their brains and can better our education.

Sidebuy: Are there any changes that you want to implement based on last year’s feedback to improve this year’s conference?

Christian Thomson: Yeah, 100%! The feedbacks from last year were pretty positive. There were some minor things regarding the seating arrangements which we are tweaking this year, and we are making it more of a round-table seating. We factored in more opportunities to network. Also, there will be more activities for people to get up and interact instead of just sitting and watching the presentations. We conducted a survey last year to move the location to which 200 people responded, and all, apart from six people, wanted the conference back in Squamish. The feedback was that the site allowed the attendees to get away from the city and the distraction, and fully immerse themselves in the event. A lot of the attendees liked the opportunity to hike or bike to Whistler and enjoy the nature. Having the conference in Squamish makes it more like a retreat and gives people a chance to take advantage of the landscape and the outdoor activities. This year, we are including more outdoor activities and have planned a guided mountain bike event to Whistler and an organized group hike to add more outside of the conference networking opportunities.

Sidebuy: Are there any trend reports that comes out of the conference?

Christian Thomson: This year we actually have a research company from Vancouver that is coming precisely to create a trend report based on the presentations. There are like-minded marketers who are managing brands across North America who will be sharing their insights which can be an excellent resource. We are also recording all the presentations this year.

Sidebuy: What kind of real-time event coverage and live streaming are you planning to do?

Christian Thomson: Last year, we actually were trending on Twitter in Canada for a day and a half as the most talked about topic. So we are having half a dozen of our team managing CIMC social media accounts to share and engage with the attendees. A lot of the attendees use social platforms like Twitter to share their main takedowns from the presentations. There are also various competitions and contest, including a chance to win a helicopter ride.

Doubled in capacity to accommodate all the marketing enthusiasts wanting to attend this year, the CIMC conference is already nearly sold out. Make sure to purchase your tickets before they’re gone!


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