Influencer marketing for brick & and mortar store

The variety of marketing tools available nowadays is staggering. As more and more of our lives develop online, marketing strategies mirror that trend in an attempt to capture that aspect. Online shopping takes advantage of the same concept, with retailers focusing their energy on developing their e-commerce sites. But digital marketing is not limited to promoting online shopping, there are actually many ways a brick & mortar store can benefit from it. Smaller retailers, who do not have the resources to sell online, or consider their brand to be better represented by a cozy, warm, intimate, more personal store, can also benefit not only from digital marketing, but also from influencer marketing to drive traffic to their store, create brand awareness outside their neighbourhood, and ultimately increase sales.

Influencer marketing is basically word-of-mouth. Not just any word-of-mouth, but one coming from a person who is really respected and well-regarded by its followers. Its value is priceless and hard to quantify, since even if a purchase is not made immediately, the recommendation made by the influencer remains a the top of the customers’s minds and the purchase(s) may come later. Word-0f-mouth generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising. But the brand is also exponentially enhanced, the value added going beyond what any owned or bought media can achieve.

So even if the retailer does not have an online store, it can benefit tremendously from this strategy. All businesses aim to create positive word-of-mouth through high-quality and value, stellar customer service and great brand reputation. Nonetheless, just using the traditional methods is like winning over one friend, uncle or neighbour at a time. With influencer marketing it is as if you have a hundred happy customers who cannot wait to start talking about your brand to everybody they know. Who would not want that?

Here are a few ideas about how a brick & mortar store can use influence marketing:Bringing an influencer in store and inviting customers to meet her is a treat. This has d

In-Store Events

Bringing an influencer in store and inviting customers to meet her is a treat. This has double effect: in person for those attending the event, and on social media because of the hype created before and after the event.

Coupon offers

This is an effective way to track the sales brought in by your influencer strategy as consumers have an incentive to visit the store soon. Some people may miss the offer period, so it is still worth asking your new customers how they heard about you.

Community building

Brick & mortar stores are more in tune with their community and what happens in their neighbourhood, so connecting with an influencer who is a major part of that community may be a good strategy, even if her interests are unrelated.

Finally, influencer marketing does not have to break the bank. It can be done on a smaller scale and a low budget. With a thousand dollars every few months, a business can start a collaboration with a blogger with a smaller following. To make it more effective, recurring campaigns and brand ambassadorships help make the brand more memorable. This can also reduce the expenses, since if offered several jobs the blogger is likely to offer a discount. Another good way to create an powerful campaign on a low budget is to focus on collaborating with smaller influencers but who can have a stronger connection with the brand, maybe in terms of style, personal interest or audience so the campaign is more focused. Depending on the product, bloggers can also be paid in merchandise rather than cash.

Influencer marketing can do wonders for your brand in 2016, an opportunity not to be missed. Here are some tips from the experts with more ideas about how you can use it to your advantage. And if you are still not convinced, view our case studies to see the benefits.


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