Marketing Lessons from Macy’s for Black Friday 2015

Black Friday is almost here and big retailers, are competing to secure the largest portion of their annual revenue in the holiday season and, at the same time, create the best customer experience. From extending the opening hours to guaranteeing the lowest prices, big retailers are resorting to creative ways to lure in more shoppers. However, the main challenge is to encourage the most in-store sales, while, at the same time, ensuring that consumers can effectively find the products they are looking for. Macy’s is definitely one of the brands that has been doing Black Friday the best and has been leveraging on the power of technology to optimize consumer’s shopping experience during the Black Friday sale frenzy. Shoppers are more and more relying on their smartphones and social media to make purchasing decisions, and Macy’s grasp of these trends is clear from their Black Friday 2015 campaign initiatives.

Social media is an important source of relevant content for shoppers.This year, Macy’s is once again relying on this platform for shoppers to view Black Friday deals. Consumers are, in fact, 10 times more likely to click on a Pinterest post and make a purchase than any other social media platform. Macy’s have been combining the power of content marketing and Pinterest to drive more sales and to improve consumer’s interaction by creating contests. Macy’s is also a pro when it comes to Facebook during Black Friday, and last year, their content was shared, liked and commented on 370k times by shoppers which was the highest compared to the other big players of the retail industry, even Amazon.

Reportedly, 80% of shoppers use their smartphones to research products and even to purchase products in-store. What sets Macy’s apart from its competitors this year, is the use of beacon mobile technology to deliver shoppers a highly personalized and contextually relevant digital content to improve their shopping experience. Implementing mobile technology, Macy’s is able to improve the shopper’s journey during the mad day of Black Friday, while encouraging more doorbusters sales. Consumers can make a shopping list and will receive push notifications triggered by their proximity welcoming them when they enter the store, and sending them relevant content and special offers based on their location. Also, using this mobile app, consumers can enter a contest and get multiple chances to win $1 Million Macy’s prizes, which is a great way to engage consumers and deepen their relationship with the brand. Macy’s is also streamlining the gift buying process as shoppers are able to add tags to their shopping list and organize the recipients of the gifts.

Retailers are leveraging on the power of technology to add value to consumers while increasing their bottom line. Black Friday do not have to be a mad day of consumers fighting for their favorite products anymore. By utilizing technology, retailers, such as Macy’s, are enhancing the shoppers’ purchasing journey and secure high revenues during the holiday season. 


Written by: Yasmin Ebrahimi

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