Influencer Marketing Trends for 2016

There is no secret that influencer marketing has been one of the hottest trends in 2015. The question is: will it see a similar growth in 2016?

stats for blog post 3

The short answer is “Yes.” The information above provided by studies from Augure, Altimeter Group, and Tomoson respectively, clearly shows marketers hold influencer campaigns in high regard, and not without reason, considering the significant value they bring to brands and the superior ROI compared to traditional marketing. This only proves influencer campaigns work and we will see more and more brands jumping on this bandwagon.

This, of course, is also good news for bloggers, for many of whom this type of marketing can turn into a constant source of revenue. With an estimated $336 million spent on influencer marketing in 2015, bloggers are extremely motivated to collaborate with brands as well as with platforms such as Sidebuy, whose role is to facilitate this collaboration and ensure brands get the best value and coverage.

Bloggers have to find a way to balance the sponsored content with original content so they will not alienate readers. Preserving readers’ trust while getting paid for their content may be the greatest challenge faced by influencers in the year to come. They still have to come up with their own original content, which garnered the attention of their fans in the first place.

What about consumers? Will they continue to trust influencers for recommendations and advice, knowing that the latter are paid to write it? If bloggers remain truthful and transparent there is no reason why not. For this to happen, it is crucial that bloggers disclose when a post is sponsored, because there is no better way to turn off readers than being dishonest. On the other hand, if the information provided is accurate and practical, that should boost the reputation of the blogger as a reliable author.



  1. Alysha

    Insightful article!


  2. […] Content will be an even greater driving factor as partnerships with bloggers and other influencers advertise brands directly to target audiences, rather than using display, search or video ads. Read more about Influencer Marketing trends for 2016 on the Sidebuy Blog. […]


  3. […] in 2016, 84% of marketers planned at least one influencer-marketing […]


  4. […] in 2016, 84% of marketers planned at least one influencer-marketing […]


  5. […] in 2016, 84% of marketers planned at least one influencer-marketing […]


  6. […] in 2016, 84% of marketers planned at least one influencer-marketing […]


  7. […] em 2016, 84% dos profissionais de marketing planejaram pelo menos uma campanha de marketing de […]


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