Vancouver Startup Week is Back!

The high price of talent, lack of Angel funding at the scale it exists in Silicon Valley, and the inability of companies to match salaries with companies in other big cities are a few of the challenges entrepreneurs face in Vancouver to start and manage their ventures. However, by bringing together community leaders, successful business owners, and other stakeholders, Vancouver Startup Week is about to change this landscape. This September, after witnessing the great success of the initial year, Startup week is coming to Vancouver for the second year and will give the startup community the opportunity to come together and join forces to tackle these challenges.

A recent report by B.C. Stats indicated that although the province’s high-tech sector ranked 4th in its contribution to the nation’s total GDP, it has outpaced the national average in revenue growth. Successful companies such as HootSuite, Recon Instruments, Mobify, and EA are proving that Vancouver can become a hub and the next Silicon Valley for tech startups to thrive. With the availability of great infrastructure support such as Launch Academy where young entrepreneurs are provided with workspace and mentorship, and government programs including IRAP and SR&ED to help small companies lower their costs, Vancouver is becoming a great place to start a business.

Hosting over 80 events and bringing together more than 3,000 people, Vancouver Startup Week is aiming to help Vancouver’s startup scene to move forward and to be able to compete with the bigger cities, such as Toronto and Montreal. At Startup Week, successful leaders from outstanding companies such as Latergram,, and Lighthouse Labs, just to name a few, will share their knowledge and experience on how they launched their lucrative ventures. Startup Week is not just for business. During this event, involved companies will open their doors to public during the week to learn more about the thriving ecosystem of startups in Vancouver which is a great opportunity for recent graduates seeking jobs to network with the big guns of startups in Vancouver or get inspirations and advice on what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

Supporting the local community and the startups scene in Vancouver is one of our goals at Sidebuy. We believe in collaboration than competition. Hence, this year, Mona Akhavi, founder and CEO at Sidebuy will be moderating a panel aside other successful entrepreneurs, Katie Reiach, Principal and Co-Founder of Talk Shop Media; Marianne Hudson, Executive Director of the Angel Capital Association; and Farhan Mohamed, Editor-in-Chief and Partner at VanCity Buzz, will share their insight on how having an online presence on social media can be an effective tool for businesses to get noticed.

At Sidebuy, we are looking forward to this year’s Vancouver Startup Week organized by top business leaders of successful companies such as Unbounce, WaveFront , and BCTIA who help businesses to become the next big things!

Tweet us at @sidebuy_ and let us know what excites you the most for this year’s Vancouver Startup Week.

Written by: Yasmin Ebrahimi

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