The Truth About Influencer Marketing

If your business is waiting to make its mark on the market, you cannot achieve it overnight. In case you’re looking for a one-time fixer-upper to achieve short-term sales or traffic, then influencer marketing may not be the answer for your brand. Influencer marketing is about creating long-lasting and meaningful relationships with your target audience and connecting with them through a trust-worthy individual who tells the truth. Gaining trust through influencers and bloggers must be a recurring and long-term strategy so that you can start to see results.

Influencer marketing is a great tool to allow a trustworthy influencer to act as a bridge between your brand and your target audience. However, this strategy requires some time to turn your prospects into loyal brand advocates who love and trust your brand. The foundation of every marketing strategy is to find out about your audience’s deepest desires and cravings, and then get creative on how you can tell them that you’re giving them what they want. However, to find out about those demands, we need to establish a habit of open communication with our target audience which would’ve taken years if it weren’t for the social media. It’s true now, that influencer marketing, sometimes helps us reduce the years down to months.


Influence marketing is about building trust over time. But that does not necessarily mean to kill the speed If one puts speed in a strategic frame. Steven Covey indicates in his book, The Speed of Trust, that the economic aspects of trust are demonstrated in “two measurable outcomes – speed and cost. … When trust goes up, speed goes up, and cost goes down. When trust is high, customers buy more—more quickly, more confidently, and more often.” So if you’re looking for a booster to improve sales, you seem to have no choice but to be patient at first.

Do you respect a trusted friend’s ideas on products and services? Influencer marketing is a handy tool to achieve that kind of influence, by letting you influence your target audience through an influential person. However, although this enables you to enjoy a trust base that’s already built to some extent, influencing people still needs a foundation built over time, even through a trusted friend.


Written by: Yasmin Ebrahimi

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