Mother’s Day Tribute to Christine Pilkington

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, and to celebrate mothers and motherhood, we dedicate this blog post to one of Vancouver’s most influential and successful moms, Christine Pilkington. May is also named the “Female Founder Month” to promote female entrepreneurship, especially in the male-dominated industries. Thus, we thought this is the perfect opportunity to showcase the achievements of Vancouver’s successful entrepreneur, Christine Pilkington, who has been working in the tech industry for over 14 years.

Mother of three, this Vancouver power mom is the CEO and founder of many online media companies, including Crisp Media, City Mom, Entrepreneur Mom Now, and her latest venture, Jellybeen. All companies are aimed at moms and also run by moms. Christine has consulted with many of the world’s top brands, including BMW, Chapters, and LOULOU, just to name a few, and held numerous workshops and seminars. She also was the recipient of the Women of Worth Award in Entrepreneurial Excellence, in 2014.


Media guru by day and mom by day and night, Christine’s mission is to help local moms stay connected with their true selves. With this in mind, she founded Entrepreneur Mom Now, in 2011, for business-minded moms, like herself, to help assist them in the first years of business. Entrepreneur Mom is the go-to online publication for business savvy moms to get access to the latest news, tips and networking opportunities to better run their businesses.


Vancouver Mom is another online community network founded by Christine, which is aimed for moms to discover the best kid-friendly places, such as restaurants, events, and stores. From fashion and style, to wellness and green living, Vancouver Mom offers tips about everything an urban mom needs to make her life more simplfied.

Christine is currently working on her latest venture, Jellybeen, an online social media mobile app. Jellybeen connects moms to share their favorite kid-friendly places to shop, eat, and play. Parents can seamlessly explore their neighborhood and discover new favorite spots around the city which are suggested by their fellow-parents. You can download this app on iTunes.


At Sidebuy, we are also passionate about connecting moms with their favorite brands. Through Sidebuy, mom bloggers can partner up with their favorite brands and retailers, and post their reviews and comments about products they love. With this platform, not only mom bloggers can monetize their social influence, they will also help other moms with the purchasing decisions. To sign up as a blogger, visit our website at:


Written by: Yasmin Ebrahimi

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